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The Root of it All

Have Faith!

The topic of religion often comes up within the various forums on SooToday, usually quite incidental to the topic being discussed. My last column was a case in point.

Do Paedophiles Deserve the Death Penalty?

Over the course of this past week there was an ongoing discussion about accused paedophiles which elicited some rather predictable views from posters.

Cottage Life

Whether you call it a "cottage," a "camp," a "cabin," or a "summer home," one thing is certain: life is good. If you’ve been following my column for any length of time, you’ll know that my own financial position is somewhat modest, currently.

Writer’s Block?

First of all… my apologies for not getting today’s column posted sooner. The title ought to be enough explanation. I was just telling Pete Vere a week or so ago that I am amazed at how topics for my column seem to present themselves.

We're having a heat wave! (Updated)

I remember a heat wave, similar to this current one we are experiencing, occurring back in the mid-70s. At that time the family had recently moved into a newly-built house in the Fort Creek subdivision.

No offence, but…

On Friday, Blue Room poster wife directed a comment at me that I apparently had taken the wrong way. On the face of it, her comment was innocent enough, but it was immediately followed by two words: "no offence.


In a discussion in Pete’s forum this past week a poster by the name of toad , in rebutting my views, lumped me in with the rest of the ‘google educated folk’ on this site.

Talk amongst yourselves.

As Saturday is "Harry Potter Day," I’m posting my weekend column a day early. I will be incommunicado that day, as I read the final instalment of the Harry Potter saga.

A question of ethics.

During a discussion in the Blue Room on Tuesday, the topic of ethics came up, as it does from time to time.

SPECIAL -- Drinking and Driving

I just read Pete Vere's latest editorial, and the e-mail response from the "sociologist" who objected to the coverage of the R.I.D.E. check Pete went on this weekend. Read story here .