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The Root of it All

One grey night it happened...

Recently I was arranging some songs to use in teaching music theory. I picked a few familiar songs with relatively simple harmonic structure to use as examples with some of my students, and one of those was "Puff (The Magic Dragon)".

The right thing to do.

Friday afternoon I was walking along Queen Street in front of the Court House when I saw three youth — about 15 or 16 years old — roll up to the Cenotaph on their skateboards.


Can we protect ourselves? First, I would like to start off by acknowledging the senseless tragedy which occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech on Monday.


On Friday sueite posted the comment "Any good news out there? Perhaps we should have a column that only has good news?" A brief discussion followed as to whether such a feature would be well-received, or even feasible.

Pet peeves

I want to share a few pet peeves with you. • People who don’t know how to use a doorbell, or knock on a door, properly.

So, you think you're smart, eh?

I’m a big fan of the Fox’s new game show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" I must confess that this might make me somewhat of a hypocrite.

So, Who’s To Blame?

You’ve often heard me lament the apparent lack of common sense that people display. Next on that list is the people’s apparent refusal to accept personal responsibility for their actions or decisions.

Would you rather…?

Recently I purchased a book called Would You Rather… four hundred and sixty-five provocative questions to get teenagers talking, by Doug Fields. It is one of a series of books and games in the "Would You Rather" series.


This has come to my attention through a confidential source. The McGuinty government has plans to amend the listing of place names to be inclusive and free from any gender or religious bias.

Lights and Sirens

Motorists, do you know how to react when you see an emergency vehicle approaching? Most do not.