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In Memoriam

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Spike McIntomney

"My Father, you have made promises to me and to my children. If the promises had been made by a person of no standing, I should not be surprised to see his promises fail.

Tullio Gualtieri

In loving memory of our dear Tullio who passed away four years ago today April 2, 2012. Within our hearts we always keep a special place for you. Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts.

Spike McIntomney

In memory of Spike MCINTOMNEY who passed away on April 3, 2002. Dad, it has been 14 long years since you have passed, though you have been deeply thought of and in our hearts every day.

Bonnie Miller

Grief isn’t tidy or neat Can’ be packed in a box Won’t fit into a schedule Or follow any clocks Grief is messy and muddled Emotions run wild and free Taking their own path Not really controlled by me Please be patient Understanding and kind While I w
Mangone, Jeff

Mangone, Jeff

April 5th is a date that has forever changed our hearts. Two years ago we lost a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a brother in law, a friend, an uncle, a life partner and a daddy.

Joyce McDonald

Death changes everything.Time changes nothing. I still miss the sound of your voice,the wisdom in your advice,the stories of your life and just being in your presence..Mom I miss you as much today as the day you passed away..Mom I just miss you...
Majerczak, Stefan

Majerczak, Stefan

Five years ago today we mourned a loving husband, father and papa. Twelve hours later the birth of your twin granddaughters brought us great joy. We witnessed the Circle of Life.


A beautiful Memory Dearer than Gold Of a Father whose worth can never be told There's a place in our hearts that no one can fill We miss you Dad, and Always will It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed.

Walterene Ostertag

It is 40 years ago today that our Mother left us to be with our Father We miss her every day But now our Brother has joined them So.we have solice in the fact that they are together IT helps to ease the pain, Audrey and Elma and families.


Remembering our beloved nephew Jason Malkki today,on this somber March 21st 2016.It has been 12 yrs since your passing.You turned 24 days earlier on March 17th, your Birthday.