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The Root of it All

Let me tell you about the other guy!

It happens every time… or at least, it has been happening for quite a while now. An election is called, and the campaigns begin.

Distracted Driving

As when the laws concerning of Seatbelts and Drinking and Driving were introduced, the issue of Distracted Driving is meeting some initial resistance, despite solid evidence that it is at least as risky as drinking and driving, if not more so.

Tragic Deaths

Yes… I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, though there were times when even I was wondering where I was. It’s been a busy, busy, busy few months, but things are starting to ease up… for now.

Budget 2015

Yes… it’s been quite a while since my last column. Once again, my apologies. So… On Tuesday afternoon the Harper Government presented its Budget – its “pre-election budget”, as many are calling it.

And the winner is...?

As I write this column, the “Oscars” is being aired, live. But I am not watching. I have to admit, I can wait until tomorrow to read the list of winners.

Will this winter ever end?

If you’re like me, you probably feel that winter has become interminable.

Let's Talk

Today is Bell Let’s Talk day, a day to raise awareness of mental illness, and those affected by it. Let’s be clear… “mental illness” affects everyone.

When life was simpler

A lot of us are old enough to remember a time when life was simpler. Not easier, mind you. But simpler.

Je suis triste

I am saddened by recent events. The killings in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices and the Kosher market were uncalled for.

Winter Driving (Update)

The Sault Ste Marie Police Service has issued two Media Releases recently, reminding drivers to adjust to road conditions. Their concern stems from the fact that overt the past 3 days there have been 46 motor vehicle collisions reported. Forty-six.