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The Root of it All

David Root: Making changes

So… Christmas has come and gone, and we are in the “New Year.” I don’t know about you, but I really don’t buy into the whole “New Year, new beginning” thing.

Peace, Joy and Love

Advent Two, Three and Four Peace, Joy and Love Once again I apologize to faithful readers who keep checking back, hoping to see a new editorial. “Busy” doesn’t begin to describe my life, recently.


Sunday begins the season of Advent... the anticipation of Christmas. The traditional theme for the first Sunday in Advent is Hope .

Winter Logic

Well… “Winter” doesn’t officially start for another three weeks, but already we’re up to our unmentionables in snow! But, we console ourselves that we didn’t get hit as hard as Buffalo did.

What does PEACE mean to us?

This Tuesday is Remembrance Day, when we commemorate the lives of those who served their country, and who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I am very thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the weekend when we in Canada celebrate “Thanksgiving,” a holiday with religious origins that has evolved into a turkey-eating frenzy.

Seasons change... and more.

Yesterday was, for me, the first day of Fall. I know… according to the calendar that doesn’t officially happen until Tuesday the 23rd.

Why do we need a Library, anyway?

There has been a debate — well, perhaps “debate” suggests a more calm and orderly conversation — regarding the proposal by the City to relocate the existing Churchill Branch of the Public Library from its existing quarters in

Books vs Booze

I am heading out on a much-needed vacation, next week. Before I go, I thought I would post a few thoughts on a new “controversy”.

Behind the facade.

Many people were shocked this past week to learn of the death of Comedian/Actor Robin Williams. As tributes poured in from celebrities and fans, it became clear that taboo surrounding the subject of mental illness is, thankfully, lessening.