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The Root of it All

Camp is a Magic Place

Just when I thought I was back on track posting columns on a more regular basis… its been almost three weeks since my last column. Sorry.

Green Acres?

…is the place to be! I remember watching the sitcom Green Acres when I was a wee lad. I didn’t realize at the time how much it would affect me. Oh, I know it was filmed on a sound stage, and not on a farm near Hooterville.

It doesn't get any easier. (update)

Later this week I will be attending a funeral for a dear friend. The father of a friend once told me he found that, as time goes on, he attended more and more funerals. I am finding the truth in that statement.

Proud to be Canadian

Quite a lot of us never had a choice regarding our citizenship. We were born and raised here in Canada, end of story. Others did have a choice. They were not born here, although some were raised here in Canada, after their parents emigrated.

Driven to Distraction

In my last article, I discussed my top two pet driving peeves: people who ignore the speed limit, and people who ignore STOP signs and red lights. In thinking on that, I would have to add a third peeve: distracted driving.

Driving Passion

I love driving. It’s one of the reasons I became a Driving Instructor, so that I could share that passion and help train young people to be good drivers. As a wee lad, I used to play in the cab of my grandfather’s 1960 Ford F-100.

What happens next?

The events that have unfolded in Moncton, NB, over the past two days have been shocking. Many have asked how someone could simply walk down the street carrying firearms, and just open fire when confronted. Sadly, as we have seen, it is all too easy.

Nature can be cruel.

The City Police issued a public warning, today, advising residents in the Third Line-Stratchclair area of a three-legged sow bear with cubs. The warning was not just that the bears were in the area, but that they should not be approached .

Ahh... Spring!

It's finally here! Spring. I went away for the weekend, first flying to Toronto (Boy, are my arms tired!), then taking the train to London.

Holiday Weekend

So, did you enjoy your holiday weekend? The weather, while not what I would call “typical” for this time of year, was better than it has been.