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And the winner is...?

As I write this column, the “Oscars” is being aired, live. But I am not watching. I have to admit, I can wait until tomorrow to read the list of winners.

As I write this column, the “Oscars” is being aired, live. But I am not watching. I have to admit, I can wait until tomorrow to read the list of winners.

My interest in the Academy Awards — indeed, any of the entertainment industry awards — is minimal.

Whether or not a movie, or an actor, or director, wins an Oscar doesn’t really matter, to me. I go to see movies that interest me, whether or not they have been nominated or have won an award.

I’m not convinced that these awards are an accurate reflection of a film, or an actor’s, success. Many of my favourite movies didn't win any awards, and some weren't even nominated. They were still good movies.

In fact, many very good movies and actors have not won.

For instance, Hollywood legend Maureen O’Hara was never nominated for an Oscar. This past November the Academy presented her with an honorary Oscar, finally recognizing her lengthy and noteworthy career.

And, let’s face it. There have been Oscars awarded that were real head-scratchers, such as:

Forrest Gump. Good movie, but… it won ‘Best Picture’ over the Shawshank Redemption. 

Rocky. Again, a good film, but… it was up against Taxi Driver, Network, and All The President’s Men.

Let’s face it, all these entertainment industry awards are important… for people in the entertainment industry. And that’s how it should be. 

Everyone enjoys receiving a little recognition and accolades from one’s peers.

I guess it’s in the nature of those who get into the entertainment business to enjoy showing off, so making a world-wide spectacle of an award ceremony makes sense, to them.

And, there are fans who also enjoy these spectacles. 


Earlier this evening, before the stars started arriving on the red carpet, actor and director Ron Howard tweeted, “#Oscar predictions, Twitterville ?”

I replied to his tweet, saying… “Sorry, awards shows are just bowling banquets for the entertainment industry! Not so relevant to the outside world, imho.”

Ron and five others have retweeted my comment, and 26 people have favourited it.

Not big numbers in terms of worldwide movie fans, and retweets don’t necessarily mean agreement, but still it seems that some people liked my comment.

And, while many people have responded to Ron’s tweet with predictions, not all have taken it seriously. One wag tweeted, “Someone will win.”

There was little agreement among the various predictions made, with most of the nominated movies, actors and actresses named.

Now I am not diminishing the value of an Oscar, or any award, for those who win, were nominated, or were somehow involved in the production. As I said, recognition and accolades from your peers is a very positive thing.

I have attended awards ceremonies, and have been humbled to have received a number of awards. But I doubt those awards were of much interest outside of those involved in the organizations that were represented at these ceremonies.

But overall, the true value of these awards are recognized within the industry itself; actors being offered better parts, directors and others being invited to work on better projects, etc.

Does it really matter to the average fan whether or not a movie wins an Oscar? You’ve already gone and watched it… or not.  Either you liked it… or not. 

The same applies to actors and directors.  We all have our favourites. If they win its a bonus, but we don’t stop going to see their pictures if they don’t win, do we?

If you enjoy the spectacle of awards show, then I hope you are enjoying the Oscars, and that all your favourites are winners.

As for me… I can wait until tomorrow to read the list of winners. Will it influence my decision to see a film I haven’t seen yet? Probably not.


But… that’s just my opinion.