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Your Birthday came and went
There was no cake or candles
They said someone had taken you away
You died a hero, thinking of others before yourself
A hero who died to protect
We are so proud of you, proud of everything you had accomplished
Your bravery, integrity and courage, right to the very end
How I wish you could have saved yourself as well
How I wish I could have taken your place
Its like a bad dream that plays over and over in your head
The day you were born was the happiest day of my life Now it has been turned into my worst
I miss everything about you
I am lost without you
Our family will never be the same
I would give anything just to see you smile one last time
I never even got to say goodbye
You were so very young
We never got to celebrate your birthday
So to us you will always be "Forever 21"

We love you so much and miss you every second of the day!

All of our love Mom and Brett