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Wine All The Time

Vintages Sale

Every once in a while, Vintages undergoes a “de-listing”. This Monday, items from the July 22 undertaking were put out for sale at about 25% off at our Great Northern Road store.

Summer Whites

When people talk about summer wines, I’m sure that the picture they have in their minds involves being outside on a bright, warm summer day.


Next weekend, the Niagara region will be hosting the Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration from July 19 through the 21st. This is an international event, with 62 wineries from many parts of the world participating.

Canada, Encore!

Canada, Encore! With Canada Day fast upon us, it would be wrong of me not to point out a number of good Canadian options in our stores for this weekend. So I will.

What a party!

What a Party! Sault Ste. Marie did itself proud last weekend with “ Saultlicious’.

What’s Coming, What’s Still Here

With the next Vintages release on June 8, we are truly into the new system by which the releases are distributed across the Province.


If the weather were warmer, such as it was a week or so ago, rhapsodizing about Rosés would be an easier sell. These dry pink wines are usually a good choice for a summer wine, going well with many light and medium dishes.


This past week I picked up a copy of the Intervin International Wine Awards held last August in Niagara-On-The–Lake.

Che Passa, Ripasso?

With the April 27 release, Vintages is focusing on Wines from the Veneto – that is from the area adjacent to Venice, perhaps even closer to Verona.


While many are familiar with the wines of France and Italy, and even Spain, we don’t pay too much attention to Portugal; yet, in addition to being home to Port, perhaps the world’s greatest fortified wine, Portugal also produces really re