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Wine All The Time


If the weather were warmer, such as it was a week or so ago, rhapsodizing about Rosés would be an easier sell. These dry pink wines are usually a good choice for a summer wine, going well with many light and medium dishes.


This past week I picked up a copy of the Intervin International Wine Awards held last August in Niagara-On-The–Lake.

Che Passa, Ripasso?

With the April 27 release, Vintages is focusing on Wines from the Veneto – that is from the area adjacent to Venice, perhaps even closer to Verona.


While many are familiar with the wines of France and Italy, and even Spain, we don’t pay too much attention to Portugal; yet, in addition to being home to Port, perhaps the world’s greatest fortified wine, Portugal also produces really re

Easter Pairings

With Easter just a week away, there will be plenty of visits to the LCBO and Wine stores as we seek out wines that will pair well with turkey, with ham, or even lamb. As always, the best wine is usually the one you enjoy the most.


It doesn’t take long to notice that the LCBO has launched a big California love-in this month, with display upon display featuring wines from the Golden State.

You Can Taste What ?

Describing a fine Zinfandel, one reviewer identified “delicately complex flavors of smoky cherry, wild anise and white peppercorns.” I can get the smoke and the cherry, even together.

Milk, Wine, and Water

They say there’s no use crying over spilled milk…but spilled wine? Perhaps, if someone has just knocked over a glass or bottle of red wine on your expensive Persian carpet or favourite white linen table cloth.

Viva España!

Last week’s Vintages release featuring Spanish wines has prompted me to take a look at the country and its wines, especially as they often go unnoticed despite their quality and value.

Into the New Year

With the Yuletide behind us, we tend to sit back a little in January and re-assess as we enter the new year. For some it’s a time of resolutions, for others, it’s business as usual.