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COVID-19: Here's the situation in the Sault this week (updated)

Region's 31-35 COVID-related deaths reported this week; currently 604 active cases, 11 hospitalizations in the region as of 3:20 p.m. Friday
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New daily cases in the province ranged this week between a high of 2,338 and a low of 1,176 *note: not all symptomatic people are being tested in accordance with new Ontario guidelines.

Ontario's chief medical officer of health says mask mandates will be removed by the end of March as long as positive public health trends continue.

Dr. Kieran Moore says the province can "only mandate masking for so long," with the risk from COVID-19 decreasing.

He says Ontario has a very high vaccination rate, hospitalizations have been declining, and he believes the worst is behind us.

Here's the latest on new cases in Algoma

As of 2:45 p.m., Algoma Public Health has not reported any new cases of COVID-19.

The latest cases of the virus in the region were reported at 2:45 p.m. today.

Here are the latest COVID-19 numbers from Algoma Public Health, updated at 3:25 p.m. on Mar. 3:

  • 239,932 tested
  • 5,334 confirmed *Note: As of Dec. 31, 2021, the province has limited COVID-19 PCR testing to the highest risk populations. Furthermore, some people with mild or asymptomatic infection may not seek testing. Algoma Public Health states that the numbers of confirmed cases are an underestimate of the actual number of people with COVID-19 in the Algoma region.
  • 615(3) active cases *Note: the number in brackets are cases in a non-Algoma resident currently in the region.
  • 10 currently hospitalized 
  • 4,719 resolved
  • 34 deceased

Algoma Public Health is reporting that recent results from additional laboratory testing have detected the following variants of concern in Algoma:

  • B.1.1.7 (Alpha), first detected in the UK
  • B.1.617.2 (Delta), first detected in India
  • P.1 (Gamma), first detected in Brazil
  • B.1.1.529 (Omicron), first detected in South Africa 

Total confirmed cases by area of residence: 

  • 4,369 in Sault Ste. Marie and area
  • 541 in central and east Algoma
  • 203 in Elliot Lake and area
  • 221 in north Algoma

Comparatively, in Chippewa County, which covers Sault Ste. Marie Mich. and surrounding area, the COVID-19 data as of Mar. 2 states (note: case counts have been reset to reflect new reporting format. Cases from March 2020-Dec. 31, 2021: 5,275 total, 4641 recoveries, 69 deaths):

  • 3,084 cumulative positives 
  • 3,173 cumulative recovered
  • 27 deaths
  • 2 cases currently hospitalized

Here's the latest on COVID-19 vaccinations in Algoma:

As of 3:30 p.m. on Mar. 3:

  • Population coverage

    % of total population that has received at least one dose 84.8%
    % of total population that have received at least two doses 81.1%
    % of eligible population (5+) that has received at least one dose 88.5%
    % of eligible population (5+) that have received at least two doses 84.6%
    % of adult population (18+) that have received at least one dose 91.1%
    % of adult population (18+) that have received at least two doses 88.7%
    % of adult population (18+) that have received at least three doses 61.3%
    % of youth population (12-17) that have received at least one dose 84.4%
    % of youth population (12-17) that has received at least two doses 81.0%
    % of child population (5-11) that have received at least one dose 59.6%

APH reported cases this week:

29 new active cases, no new hospitalizations reported on Feb. 27

Region's 32, 33 COVID-related deaths reported on Feb. 28

Hospitalizations decrease, 64 new active cases reported on Mar. 1

Region's 34th COVID-related death reported on Mar. 2

Hospitalizations decrease, 50 new cases reported on Mar. 3

Region's 35th COVID-related death reported on Mar. 4

'She was a sitting duck in there': Former Sault resident dies after contracting COVID in hospital

Joyce Kohut was seemingly on the rebound after undergoing cancer treatment. Then, COVID-19 changed all of that.

Two Algoma basketball games cancelled due to COVID protocols

A pair of women's games, scheduled for Friday and Saturday in St. Catharines, were cancelled. 

Disciplinary hearings begin for Sudbury police officer charged for refusing to show proof of vax

Melisa Rancourt was arrested for resisting a peace officer and trespassing after refusing to show proof of vaccination at the Espanola Rec. Centre on Sept. 26.

Chamber CEO calls for patience as some businesses may choose to keep vaccine passport in place

On Tuesday the province lifted requirements for vaccine passports and capacity limits at businesses like restaurants and gyms, but some may choose to keep them in place for now.

City lifts proof of vaccination, indoor capacity limits (Mar. 1)

Changes take effect today.

Border measures to change as travel restrictions begin to ease: CBSA (Feb. 28)

Changes take effect today.

Pat King worries about catching COVID-19 in an overcrowded jail

Lawyer representing the former Saultite warns about King's risk of getting jailhouse COVID.

Investigation probes livestreams of Pat King’s bail hearing (Feb. 26)

Crown assigns investigator to look into allegations that King supporter Kerry Komix can be seen in the background of an illegal live feed.

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