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Sault Ste. Marie Tools & Power Tools


Pipe Insulations

🔍 Explore the advantages of pipe insulation! 🌡️ Minimize energy usage and decrease expenses on heating and cooling by curbing heat loss or gain. 🚿🔥 Avert condensation and freezing while ensuring
galvanized Pipe, duct, & fittings

Galvanized Pipe, Duct, & Fittings

🛠🪛Our galvanized pipes feature a protective zinc coating that resists corrosion, providing reliability and durability in any environment. Say goodbye to frequent repairs and replacements, and enjoy

Steel Demon Cermet II Saw Blade

Discover Diablo's superior cutting tools and accessories, delivering unmatched precision and performance. Explore our diverse range, including Saw Blades, Reciprocating Blades, Jigsaw Blades, OMT
Black malleable iron fittings & nipples

Black Malleable Iron Fittings and Nipples

Discover Reliable Black Malleable Iron Fittings and Nipples for your plumbing needs. Why Choose Us? Unmatched strength and durability for high-pressure scenarios. Corrosion-resistant coating for
Electrical  connectors,tools & accessories (2)

Electrical Connectors, Tools and Accessories

🔌🔋Discover the Power of Connections!🔌🔋 🔌 💡Make your electrical projects rock-solid with our top-quality connectors, tools, and accessories. From secure wiring connections to precision tools,
Used equipment 2

Used Equipment

Explore high-quality, affordable equipment at Service Rentals! Our extensive range of expertly maintained pre-owned tools caters to contractors, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you need

Jobmate HEAT GUN

...NEVER used....still in box....$40. Central location 10 A Heat Gun Low temp. setting...250 C ( 482 F) High temp. Setting... 450 C ( 842 F ) 3 position rocker switch Soft coated grip 8 ft. Power cord

Extendable Ladder

Extendable Ladder(Extends to 12 feet)

new 3/8 air hose .

new 3/8 air hose , 60 plus feet , 35.00 7057793226

Scroll Saw

Mastercraft scroll saw with blades and tools. Call or text Greg at 705-206- 4971.