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WORKHORSE SAFETY EARMUFFS for Hard Hats - Elevate Your Safety, Silence the Noise! $19.99

Regular price:$24.68
Our price:$19.99

Say goodbye to noise distractions and hello to ultimate protection with Workhorse Safety's Earmuffs for Hard Hats! These earmuffs boast a simple height adjustment, flip-up feature, and an impressive noise reduction rating of 23 decibels – because your safety is non-negotiable!

Key Features:

✅ Simple Height Adjustment: Customize the fit to your liking with easy-to-adjust earmuffs, ensuring comfort and effectiveness.

✅ Flip-Up Design: Effortlessly flip up and lock in place when not in use, allowing you to switch between noise protection and communication with ease.

✅ Secure Locking Mechanism: Locks securely in place, providing confidence that your earmuffs stay put during intense work situations.

✅ Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23 dB: Shield your ears from harmful noise levels, promoting a safer and more focused work environment.

✅ Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most hard hats, these earmuffs are a versatile safety solution for various industries.

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