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Sault Ste. Marie Freebies (Giveaways)

seniors requiring assistance

I am willing to help in any way i can the elderly population, my daughter and i will go grocery shopping ect. for free. only would like a small donation towards gasoline. I will buy what is on your

melatonen with magnesium

jamieson natural source. magnesium night. 3mg melatonen with 100 mg magnesium. 100 tablets. i use 5 mg melatonen regularly and it works good for me. i thought id try this one but i dont like it as
Strengthing with Weights Workout Tapes

Exercise Tapes, etc.

Strengthening with Weights Workout Tapes (shown in Photo). Strengthening with Bands Workout Tapes (not shown). Aerobics (not shown). Ultra Stretch (not shown). Low Impact Aerobics with Weights (not

Scrap Metal Picker Upper

Will pick up anything. Car batteries,propane tank, all appliances,lawnmower,vehicles,bathtub,snowblower,BBQ,bikes,ETC. Any amount of copper,aluminum or junk metal. Call 971 1922