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Sault Ste. Marie Freebies (Giveaways)


Truck cap

Truck cap That fits a full size truck box it measures outside 8' x 4' aluminum with 2 x 4 reinforced roof very heavy free come take it awaycall 975-2343 for further info

Entertainment unit

Please text 705 257 6704

Free dirt / fill / clay

We recently edged our gravel driveway and have lots of fill left over. It is free, with the caveat that you would need to shovel it into your truck/trailer. We'd be happy to help with the shoveling

cement pieces

chunks of cement pieces from torn up sidewalk. please call 705-254-1822 and leave message


Hostas to take, bring your shovel

Scrap Metal Picker Upper

Will pick up anything. Car batteries,propane tank, all appliances,lawnmower,vehicles,bathtub,snowblower,BBQ,bikes,ETC. Any amount of copper,aluminum or junk metal. Call 971 1922