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Arts community shares their hopes and resolutions for 2022 (17 photos)

With a new year quickly approaching, artists and those working in the arts with a strong connection to our region shared their hopes for the coming year

Art and artists shape our communities. They positively impact the culture of our communities and help to shape our history.

We know that many artists from, or connected to, our community take their art out into the world beyond the region. They can influence change and play a key role in our economy. 

That being said, 2021 has been a challenging year both for artists and for those who support the arts sector. 

We asked a selection of artists and people whose services support artists, from Sault and the surrounding communities, what their hopes and resolutions were for 2022. 

The responses are as diverse as the artists themselves. Some were serious and thoughtful. Others more playful and whimsical. 

For each artist, we added links to stories or online profiles so you can explore and find out more about the many ways they impact all of us with their art. 

This is what they said:

This past year, my intention for 2021 was 'listening.' 

Because I have worked on listening, I realized that many things are important to me as an artist: the environment and climate change, the way we act towards one another and especially towards First Nations, and towards newcomers as well -- the way we treat women, and non-binary and transgender folk, people who speak a different language, and fragilized folk.

This coming year, my intention will be about having more compassion for myself and for others. I will try to unlearn some of the things I have learned growing up that have no more relevance today and open my heart to new ways of being and knowing.

Isabelle Michaud, visual artist

My resolution is to push myself to make more art, get in a groove with my practice and explore a new body of work.

I've started doing high detail chicken portraits with bright bold backgrounds and I am loving it! I'll play with some of my old subject matter, but my overall resolution is to keep my painting fresh and exciting.

Sherie (McKay) Gladu, visual artist/painter

As an artist, my ability to create depends on freedom, so my voice and truth are not trapped in the body. As such, in 2022, I will continue to do what I'm convinced I've been doing my entire life, but with little awareness; I will keep letting go so I can continue to be. 

Vanessa Ferlaino, author, singer, pianist and President of Vienna Studios Inc.

We put out our first album in December 2020 and because of the pandemic, we were not able to perform live to promote our album. We hope to put out a Christmas album in November of 2022 and we hope to be able to perform live again to support both albums. 

Patty Dunlop, Lois O'Hanley-Jones and Debbie Rivard, singers/songwriters/performers/musicians in the trio, Women in Song

I do not make New Year's resolutions. But, I always have hopes.

The hope I have this year for the arts is that with COVID taking away live entertainment and galleries that Sault residents will realize the value our local musicians and visual artists who are making original works need their support by buying what they create, so they don’t get discouraged. If they don’t support them, then they will disappear.

Brian Tremblay, artist, musician, broadcaster & producer

I am going to be in teachers college at Nipissing U this year, working to be a high school music and visual art teacher.

One of my goals would be to help students explore their interests in the arts. I am also looking forward to sharing a music video series I organized last year. It’s called 'Clusterfolk' and features eight local songwriters performing in unique spaces around Sault Ste. Marie.

Finally, I look forward to recording and performing live again!

Jackson Reed, songwriter

My New Years' resolution is to take up smoking. I’ve tried a few times in the past but I could never get it to stick. I think with some dedication and the proper plan, this may be the year. Fingers crossed.

In all seriousness, my goal this year is to get back into writing more. Just 20 minutes a day. If I can do that it will work out to about 10 hours a month or 120 hours per year... I think... I hope. Alright, come to think of it. Maybe I should get back into basic math.

Boomer Phillips, actor, firefighter

I hope 2022 brings with it a true post-COVID world, where we're once again able to gather freely with a renewed sense of safety. As an artist, this includes studio sessions without distancing and masks, concerts without decimated capacity limits, and the ability to once again get involved in community outreach without worrying about ever-changing measures. 

Mike Haggith, independent singer-songwriter, former Din bassist/vocalist 

As an artist/songwriter, my 2022 goal would be to spend more time pitching songs to industry professionals here in Nashville, Tenn. Having a major label artist cut one of my songs would be amazing.

In addition, while I am not necessarily pursuing the artist direction these days, I have enough recorded for a five- or six-song EP release so my other goal would be to package that and release it in 2022. 

Henry Particelli, songwriter and recording artist / Metro Nashville Police Officer turned Sergeant

My hope for 2022 is that as a community we pull together, respect each other and get to a place where we can once again gather safely, allowing artists whose vocations rely upon live audiences the opportunity to return to earning a living. 

Timothy Murphy, performer/director/producer

Practice until I don't have to be introduced. Speak with my hands in the moment.

Shane "Seith" Erickson, turntablist DJ and producer

My new year’s resolution is to dive into three piano books I’ve purchased on blues, country, and gospel, to improve my roots piano chops, and to keep working on my guitar soloing technique. I’d like to incorporate more ‘playing up the neck’ of the guitar in major, minor, and pentatonic scales for my live performances, once they get going again.

Also, to keep participating in a fun virtual songwriters circle I joined in the fall, to keep writing songs for the next album. 

Trevor Tchir, singer-songwriter

My wish for 2022 is that all the small businesses, especially back home are able to get through all this and get some form of help so they can rebound and come back stronger than ever.

Personally, we just want to be able to keep giving personal experiences into blacksmithing and jewellery making, And of course wish everyone a wonderful 2022. 

Mike Prentice, metalworker specializing in blacksmithing, silver and knifemaking

In 2022 we wish to rejuvenate our previous momentum in the musical community supporting both new and established performers. We look forward to that feeling of a live show watching the artists connect with the audience and the magic of sharing that experience. We hope to elevate those moments with our technology and services. 

Mike Blair, Business owner/musician.

I hope for more connection and creativity in 2022. The pandemic has kept many of us apart from our families, friends, and audiences, and I’d love to spend more time with all of them in person soon.

I’m excited to explore new ideas and I hope to write another book for children this year. I hope that whatever 2022 brings, people will keep finding insight, adventure, comfort and good company through reading.

Lisa Deresti-Betik, author

Funny you should ask. I just received the final copy-edit on my first full-length fiction novel, 'Take the Front Seat'. Therefore, my resolution is to try and get it published in 2022. If that doesn’t work out, at some point I will self-publish.  

John De Lorenzi, writer, musician (Man Feelings), and small business owner (Allora Espresso Import)

Our pets are tired of listening to us and we are desperate to play for a live audience!

We've rebranded as Frankee Productions and are excited about our Italian show, 'Musoca Del Cuore' and performing the latest in our 'Rock on to the Sound of Change' concert series.

As songwriters, we’re looking forward to the release of upcoming original productions. We continue to seek opportunities as we navigate through whatever lies ahead. Stay tuned for postings on social media and YouTube.

Frank Gioia, singer and musician

My 2022 resolution, to take a quote from Daft Punk is, 'Harder, Better, Faster.' Practice harder, play better and pump out new tunes faster. Collectively (the band), we are excited to play live again and give the community an opportunity to hear our new tracks. Lastly, we are aiming to shoot and launch our first music video. 

Tyler Willson - Lead vocal/bass player Man Feelings 

My hope for artists in 2022 is that the creative fire burns brighter than ever. Take chances, push boundaries...and make people smile. 

Ryan McFarling, magician

I have decided to re-commit to the journey of improving on my chosen instrument, to rekindling the joy that first brought me to the bass guitar.  

Marc Williamson - husband, father, therapist and bassist

My hopes for 2022 are many.

I intend to do a personal challenge each month - the first of which will be a fund-raiser for cancer research where I intend to raise at least $1,000 in the month of January.

After that, I have a few ideas including writing another book - a fiction book this time. I'm also putting it out to my mates to suggest challenges for the upcoming months - be it 'give up sugar,' 'post a photo a day' or whatever they decide for that month.

Should the borders open, I also hope to visit the Sault again at some point in the summer. I expect that 2022 will be a very fun/exciting year! 

Sheila Trevisan, author 

I want to write a riff every day or at least pick up an instrument and play every day whether it’s for 15 minutes or for four hours. 

Jamie Vincent, bass player for No Funeral, guitar player for dynowaves, drummer for Algoma, and songwriter.

My goal for 2022 is to continue improving the quality of music made in Sault Ste. Marie. 

Dustin Goodall, producer, studio owner and musician.