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Community Kindness Countdown to Christmas: All the Sault is a stage for Timothy and Lucas

Their passion, expertise and generosity of self will undoubtedly lead us out of this pandemic
2021-12-21 Beaver Murphy
Lucas Beaver and Timothy Murphy have been making Sault residents happy through their performances for years.

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” - PT Barnum

And that is the mantra by which Timothy Murphy and Lucas Beaver have lived their lives by. Two of Sault Ste. Marie’s arts community gems who have led by example time and time again.

Lucas is a professional dancer who graduated from the Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts, and Timothy Murphy is a professional actor who studied theatre at York University and Musical Theatre at the prestigious Banff School of Fine Arts.

Their two productions companies, West End Theatre Project, and TMurphy Entertainment Inc., partnered this fall with the Sault Community Theatre Centre to produce and bring to the Soo, All Together Now. This was a global theatre event celebrating the notion of bringing back local theatre to communities after the pandemic.

Tim and Lucas brought their mega talent together to co-direct this musical celebration. What a grandiose celebration it was.

And like PT Barnum, the Greatest Showman, these two have been making people happy for years. Whether they are dancing on stage, directing big musicals, acting in each other’s productions, or belting out larger than life vocal hits, they have been making us smile and applauding their talent many times over the years. Their creative and genius talents have enabled us to sit in a theatre, watch an amazing performance, and just, ‘forget about life for a while’.

Some of the huge performances these guys have brought to our community stage, prior to the pandemic, included Anne of Green Gables, Cats, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia and 9 to 5 The Musical. Interestingly enough, while one is the director of the show, the other can often be found in the cast of the same show. They really know how to roll.

And when they are off the boards, you will find them both out there in our community or other communities helping out and providing their expertise and guidance whenever they can.

Lucas was part of the organizing team of Toronto Pride for several years, and was the WorldPride Coordinator for the Toronto Pride festival one year. He has been a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community in our town, and in Canada.

Lucas’ expertise as a professional dancer even provided him with the opportunity to teach World Champion Figure Skater, Patrick Chan, how to tap dance on skates for one of his world comeback routines. In Chan’s words, it was some of the most difficult work he ever had to do.

Tim has been very vocal in our community about helping those with addictions and mental health problems. He can be found speaking out at sessions geared toward educating the public about the myths associated with addictions and mental health. In his own words, Tim has stated, “There’s no shame in addiction and mental health issues. Stop being ashamed and start helping.”

Both artists have worked with the popular Soo Sings For Kids events which has raised needed funds for a multitude of Sault Charitable programs over the years. If it is arts related, you can bet that Tim and Lucas will be in there somewhere just helping out.

The old Bard of Avon, Shakespeare himself, wrote the line, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Well these two players, Timothy and Lucas, just love the stage, love community theatre, and all of the joy that it brings to our town.

They both are considered the famed “triple threat” can sing, dance and act, and they have made it their reason for being to use their gifts to teach others how to, likewise, love the theatre.

Their passion, expertise and generosity of self will undoubtedly lead us out of this pandemic and into a post pandemic period whereby we can once again put our hands together in loud applause for a performance beautifully delivered.

Thanks guys for sharing your gifts with this town.

May you both take the time to enjoy the peace and joy of this Christmas season.

A fan – Frank O’Connor

Frank O'Connor and his wife Gail are the owners and operators of Voyageur Lodge and Cookhouse in Batchawana Bay. He's writing a profile a day leading up to Dec. 24, featuring people who have given back to their community in a positive way through their good deeds and work.