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Local practitioner has been studying Reiki for more than 20 years

She is also teaching it now
Anne-Marie Caicco has been studying Reiki since 1997. Photo submitted

As one founding member of the Healing Loft wellness centre, Anne-Marie Caicco offers Usui Reiki, Healing Touch Therapy and many other modalities in her healing arts practice.

After acting and directing dozens of plays for theatre companies and teaching English and the dramatic arts for years, Caicco started her healing arts practice in London, Ont. – then moved it to Vancouver – then finally back to Sault Ste. Marie to be closer to family.

“It all started for me in 1997 when I started to learn about the chakras,” says Caicco. “But I officially began to study reiki in 1998.”

While the former educator is now a master practitioner and teacher of the Usui and Karuna methods of Japanese Reiki, Caicco has an arsenal of healing methods – from applied physiology to therapeutic touch to using crystals during Reiki – that she uses to customize healing experiences.

“It does help – having been a teacher – because a big part of my job is educating people on the benefits of each practice,” says Caicco. “Reiki is a Japanese practice that involves the hands placed either directly above or on the client’s body – depending on their comfort level; while healing touch is a practice that started with a nurse, Janet Mentgen, and was developed in the 1980s – but is also energetic work through touch.”

Originally, healing touch therapy was solely used by those in the medical field – but now it is open for anyone to learn.

While Reiki has no governing body or association, the Healing Touch Program does have a standardized curriculum and a series of levels that every practitioner must follow. Both practices are said to help people with stress, pain management, and even palliative care and transfer energetic work through the hands. Note: the client lies on a massage table but is fully clothed.

“I’ve been expanding and building the curriculum for a Reiki certificate because it really is a practice that deserves an extended period of training,” says Caicco. “Clients need to be careful when choosing a Reiki practitioner simply because people can just go online and get a Reiki certificate in a weekend. You have to do your research.”

She also teaches Reiki and is offering a Second Degree Reiki Course this February in addition to a Restorative Yoga with Reiki Masters session on Feb. 18.

The First Degree Reiki Course (for beginners) is also being offered by Caicco at The Healing Loft this March 23, 30 ad April 6 from 6-9:30p.m. Also on offer this February – Two Crystal Bowls Sound Bath Events with Reiki – on Feb. 9 and 29.

Contact The Healing Loft for further details and pricing per event.