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Tips from a local chiropractor on how to keep moving while working at home

Even if you don't have to leave the house for work, there are still ways to keep moving throughout the day
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With many employees still working from home due to COVID-19, it’s important to keep your back health in mind while sitting in one place for extended periods of time.

Local chiropractor Dr. Ted Luck has some tips to share with those working remotely, and how it can actually be beneficial. 

“Personally, I think the current reality of people working from home can provide some excellent benefits especially when it comes to your spine and all the sitting we do now, especially at work,” Dr. Luck said. 

“My wife, Suzanne, is currently working from home. She has back and Crohn’s problems. She is definitely seeing great benefits. Working from home actually allows her to move around more. The human body was meant for moving, not sitting for long periods,” he said. 

Dr. Luck says that people who are working from home, or even at the office, should set a timer on their computer to get up and take a short walk around their work area every 30 minutes.

“Even if you just stand up, bend over and touch your toes, you are giving your back muscles a well-desired break,” Luck said. “I tell my patients if you are working or living in a small space go to a door or wall and stand with your hands on the door or wall for balance and start marching on the spot. Raise your knees up to 90 degrees if possible and march on the spot for one minute. It will get your heart rate up if you go at a brisk pace and relieve lower back muscle pain and fatigue.”

“Another tip is to put a padlock on your fridge,” he joked. “Don’t make the mistake of snacking all day now that you are at home. Excess weight not only hurts your beautiful figure, but it adds extra loading on your heart and spine. Patients are always amazed and so gratified when they shed excess pounds slowly and safely. Not only do they feel and look better, but their knee pain goes away as well as their back and neck pain.”

Working from home has allowed Dr. Luck’s wife to stretch and do yoga during the day as well. 

“Stretching frequently during the day is safe and beneficial for not only your spine but your whole body,” he said. “Most yoga poses target opening up your spine which releases healing energy through the body. Yoga postures can stimulate better digestion function and boost your immune system, something we can all use to help protect us from COVID and other diseases.”

Dr. Luck highly recommends trying yoga if you never have before.  “I am 62 years old and have been doing yoga since my early 20s. I recommend and try to teach yoga and stretching to all my patients,” he said.