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How likely are you to purchase or lease an electric vehicle next?

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terrektwo commented

I love the idea of electric vehicles but the truth is anyone who is poor will not even be buying new vehicles. If they can afford it they get used and all the used vehicles are just gas. Then if you are middle class or rich person and can afford a new car making the decision to pay significantly more for an electric vehicle, like two or three times more is a non-choice. So at this point the poor and middle class are out, all those rich people that can afford these brand new over priced vehicles are left. How well do you think the heater in an electric vehicle run on batteries will stand up to our northern winters? When it hits say -30? Especially compared to a normal vehicle with a block heater?

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Post-pandemic, should Queen Street be closed to traffic on Friday and Saturday evenings from Victoria Day to Labour Day?

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terrektwo replied

Right on the mark. They should be doing more to open the downtown up not close it, they should also remove all the meters on Queen street, half the buildings are run down empty derelicts and the others are businesses that are barely hanging on. Long ago most people started going to businesses in other parts of the city anyways but having their own parking that you don't have to pay for would help. It's disturbing that even on Gore street there are parking meters, Gore sees even less traffic than Queen and almost nobody stops there. Having parking meters there is a really really sad cash grab by the city. Or I could call it a nickel grab. Our biggest mall can't even hold anchor stores run by big chains, Sears and Zellars went the way of the Dinosaur but even Walmart came in and then left. What is in the Sears and Walmart space now? Nothing.

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