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Sault Ste. Marie Dentists

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Bay Dental Care (Dr. Piscopo, E. and Dr. Sicoly C.)
Berkenbosch Denture Clinic
Cambrian Dental Centre
Cho Family Dentistry
Churchill Boulevard Dental ( Dr. Pino, A and Dr. Robb, P.)
Dr. A.P. Barzan, Family Dental Office
Dr. Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Dr. Crawford, Alan M. (Orthodontist)
Dr. Dante Carlascio
Dr. Dovigi, W.F. (Dentist)
Dr. Fabbro, John and Dr. Nanne, Michael (Dentist)
Dr. Floreani, Dr. O'Toole Orthodontists
Dr. Glibota, Mary Catherine (Dentist)
Dr. Hutton, Gregory P. (Dentist)
Dr. Jennifer Jonusaitis Dentistry
Dr. Kimlan Bell
Dr. Lattimer & Dr. Irwin Dentist & Dental Office
Dr. Lawrence Chong & Associates
Dr. McCauley, Gene (Dentist)
Dr. Peter Chudoba
Dr. Purzner, R. (Dentist)
Dr. Rabeau, L.J. (Dentist)
Dr. Riley Schaffer
Dr. Robb, L. (Dentist)
Dr. Santana, Mark (Dentist)
Dr. Sebecic, Michael (Dentist)
Dr. Silvano, R. (Dentist)
Dr. Simpson, Patience (Dentist)
Dr. Snider, H. R. (Dentist)
Dr. Wen Su
Dr. Wong, Gordon (Dentist)
Family Dentistry on Bay (Dr. J.D. Cavanagh, Dr. , Dr. C. Turgeon and Dr. J. Cavanagh, Dr. M. Macneil
Great Northern Oral Surgery
Northern Dental Care
PHI Dental Care
Pim Street Dental
Sault Algoma Denture Clinic
Sault Area Periodontics
Sault Dental Arts