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Sault Ste. Marie Wanted to Buy

Sunmar composting toilet

Wanted used sunmar toilet,need for camp

Home made bread sticks

Looking to buy homemade bread sticks,

1" poly pipe wanted

Looking for 1" poly pipe..1 or 2 rolls..705-943-5371

410 Semi Automatic Shotgun Wanted

Looking for a 410 gauge semi automatic shotgun..calls only..705-943-5371

13" trailer rims

looking for 13 " steel or spoked rims not aluminum call 7055422688

Aluminum Brake Wanted (Vanmark)

Looking for a aluminum brake for bending flat stock..pefer vanmark mark 2 trim master. However, shall consider all..705-943-5371

Yeti Cooler or Similar Wanted

Looking for a yeti or comparable cooler..705-943-5371.

Heat Gun Wanted

Looking for a 120 volt heat gun, similar to one pictured..705-943-5371

Bench Mounted Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Wanted

Looking for a bench mounted chainsaw chain sharpener..prefer Oregon ..however, shall consider all. 705-943-5371.
Screenshot_20190910-101151_Samsung Internet

Electric Metal Shears Wanted

Looking for a shear for light gauge metal similar to pic..not interested in nibblers..705-943-5371