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Sault Ste. Marie General / Other

Algoma University Sweatshirt

Looking to purchase a Size XL red Algoma University Sweatshirt for a friend from out of town.

Looking for tires

I am looking for two tires size is 175/80/D 13 trailer tires please call 70597523 for three with a price thank you

WTB 410 double barrel shotgun.

Looking for a 410 double barrel shotgun . Message me with what you have. I have valid PAL.

Wanting crab apples

Anyone who has any available. Not for hunting. I bake with them and haven't had them in years. Message me please and i will happily use some.

100lb propane tank

If anyone is looking to unload a 100 lb propane tank for free or next to free, please let me know. This will help someone in a cash strapped position. Please respond so I can make arrangements to

looking for drywallers

looking for drywallers and mudders 1200 sq ft new addition pay is based on equipment and experience. you tell me and we can see if it fit the budget. start in one or 2 weeks. if you have a bazooka

Scrap Metal Picker Upper

Will pick up anything metal,electric or with a motor,all appliances,BBQ,car batteries,lawnmower,snowblower,bathtub,propane tank,bikes,bed frame,vehicles,car parts any amount of copper,aluminum or

Crafter,Artist,Creative Tenant Downtown,Trade your skills for partial rent,

Bed ,office ,kitchen,craft shop,studio,refferences,Will look at ideas.900plus utilties.This is for CREATIVE TYPE,EMAIL FOR INFO.

Wanted kitchen base cabinet

Need a base cabinet 24 to 28 ". Condition doesn't matter will be painting it. Phone 705 5421777

Swag lamps

Looking to purchase 2 swag lamps that plug into a socket.