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Sault Ste. Marie Wanted to buy or rent

Needed ASAP

1 bedroom apartment needed for the first. $850 range, inclusive. Quiet tenant.

Former Student ISO Apartment

Looking to rent a 1 bedroom apartment. $750-$850 including utilities. By the college would be great, but not necessary.

My husband & I are in need of a 2 bedroom Apartment

My husband & I are in need of a 2 bedroom apartment on the main floor, in the Dennis Street & Wellington Street area or not to far from there. We can afford one in the price range of $675 -$850 INC

Looking for 2 or more bedroom

We are looking to rent a large 2 or more bedroom. Flexible move in date. Month to month or lease are fine. We are looking for something fairly large and updated/newly renovated. Master bedroom must

Looking for a small camp or lot

Recently retired couple, looking for a small camp, or lot for trailer on a quiet lake, truck accessible on owned or leased price and any pictures...remote camp doesn't bother us We


How does one go about finding a good reliable honest Realestate agent, when considering to sell your home, and buy another? An agent who knows the value of your current home, and understands what you

apartment i or 2 bedroom

Mature working couple looking for apartment for april or may prefer ground floor if possible