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Sault Ste. Marie Wanted to buy or rent


does anyone know of cottages for rent in upper or lower island lake or goulais bay, in summer by dependable senior couplewith small dog.

Wanted to buy Ranch Style Home

2-3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, prefer no basement, large garage, no electric heat, newer the better. 1500-2000 square feet. Paved driveway. Thanks

Looking for Private Real Estate sale!!

Been looking at houses for a few months now and trying to find any private homes that are not listed. If you know or own a home that you are interested in selling privately please contact me by email

Apartment or small home accessible few stairs one or two bedroom

Open to options long term rental for middle aged person. We hope to find a well kept home. We would discuss with serious landlords

Seeking apartment for March 1st

I am a quite individual female hoping to aqquire a secure apartment for myself by March 1st or sooner. All inclusive prefferably if possible, if not, let it be known . First and last is a maybe, Any


looking to rent camp in summer, senior couple with small dog, want privacy for reasonable rent

Hi Rise Bungalow or Side Split wanted on any of the Grand Streets, Reid, Wilson, Strand or Kitchener

We are looking to purchase a hi-rise bungalow or side split in the Grand area including any of the Grand streets, Reid street, Wilson street, Strand or Kitchener closing date between April 30-October