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Sault Ste. Marie Dogs and Puppies

Yard Clean Up

With Spring here and the snow melting, I am offering to clean up the dog poop in your yard! I bag it and take it with me so there is nothing for you to worry about. Contact me for my phone number or


🐩 gooming supplies 2 detanglers Ichy skin relief 3 nail clippers 2 flea combs 2 slicker brushes 1 pin brush 1 bristle brush Small face hair clippers Normal sized hair clippers Mane n tail shampoo

Dog Birthday Bandana

Blue bandana with "Birthday Boy" on front. Fits small to large dogs. 100% cotton. Washable. Turn bandana over to wear anytime of the year.

Keep your Pet's Paws Dry & Safe -------NEW PAWZ

PAWZ Natural Rubber, Waterproof Dog Boots. Reusable. 12 in the package. Size XL See photo for suitable dog breeds $10 ($22.99 at PetSmart)

Keep your Pet's Paws Dry & Safe--------PAWZ

PAWZ Natural Rubber, Waterproof dog Boots. Size L See photo for dog breeds. Reusable. 4 in this package $5

Small Dog / Cat Carriers/Crates/cages

Small pet carriers/crates of various smaller sizes and styles $20 and up. Can deliver. Call 705-255-1007.