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Sault Ste. Marie Tools & Power Tools

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Wacker Neuson M2500 Concrete Vibrator Motor

Price: New $750 / Used $650 The Wacker Neuson M2500 Vibrator Motor is an ideal choice for contractors or professionals seeking a robust electric motor for their internal vibrator HMS. Crafted from
SR&S 1000 500

Rent or Buy - Service Rentals and Sales

"Spring into Action with Service Rentals and Sales! 🌱🛠️ Ready to tackle your seasonal projects? Look no further! We've got the best tools and equipment for rent or sale to help you get the job

Steel Demon Cermet II Saw Blade

Discover Diablo's superior cutting tools and accessories, delivering unmatched precision and performance. Explore our diverse range, including Saw Blades, Reciprocating Blades, Jigsaw Blades, OMT
Electrical  connectors,tools & accessories

Electrical Connectors, Tools & Accessories

Unlock the Potential of Connectivity! Elevate your electrical projects with our premium connectors, tools, and accessories. From robust wiring connections to efficient tools, we've got you covered.
Used equipment 2

Used Equipment

Discover top-notch, budget-friendly equipment at Service Rentals! Explore our wide selection of well-maintained, used tools suitable for contractors, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts. From power tools
galvanized Pipe, duct, & fittings

Galvanized Pipe, Duct, & Fittings

Our galvanized Pipe, Duct, & Fittings offer: Pipes: Zinc coating resists corrosion. Ducts: Efficient airflow distribution, heat resistance, and smooth interiors. Fittings: Secure connections,
Black malleable iron fittings & nipples

Black Malleable Iron Fittings and Nipples

Discover Reliable Black Malleable Iron Fittings and Nipples for your plumbing needs. Why Choose Us? Unmatched strength and durability for high-pressure scenarios. Corrosion-resistant coating for
Electrical  connectors,tools & accessories (2)

Electrical Connectors, Tools and Accessories

🔌🔋Discover the Power of Connections!🔌🔋 🔌 💡Make your electrical projects rock-solid with our top-quality connectors, tools, and accessories. From secure wiring connections to precision tools,

Pipe Insulations

🔍 Explore the advantages of pipe insulation! 🌡️ Minimize energy usage and decrease expenses on heating and cooling by curbing heat loss or gain. 🚿🔥 Avert condensation and freezing while ensuring


Manual push driveway, patio, garage, arena or lawn sweeper. Asking $100.00