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Community Builders Awards: For over 30 years, Clean North has been an environmental leader in the Sault

The winner of this year’s Environmental Award, Clean North, is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to making Sault Ste. Marie a cleaner and greener place to live

Dedicated to sustainability, Clean North is a registered charitable environmental awareness group that meets once a month to decide on which environmental projects to pursue in the community and how. 

Over the last 30 years, Clean North has become a leader in diverting toxins from landfills, sewer systems and our environment. 

Clean North also laid the foundation for the City of Sault Ste. Marie’s hazardous waste program and remains committed to educating the community about the environment and wildlife and protecting ecosystems.

Some initiatives started or supported by Clean North include tree planting, collecting recyclables, building bat houses, supporting community gardens, assisting with the city's beautification contest, and working with the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry on a peregrine falcon release project. 

Clean North's efforts ultimately provide every day residents with small but impactful ways that they can make the environment healthier for generations to come. 

The Environment Award is presented to a person who has had a positive impact on our environment, demonstrating to the rest of us what is possible in improving our community’s environmental footprint.

Congratulations to the team at Clean North!

This award is proudly sponsored by GFL.