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SooToday delivers over 500 Valentine's Day cards and treats to local seniors

Our Random Acts of Kindness team delivers sweet surprises to the residents and staff of the F.J. Davey Home

In honour of Valentine's Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day this week, we delivered a sweet surprise to every resident and staff member of the F.J. Davey Home.

With help from students at Ben R. McMullin, F.H. Clergue, Grand View, Greenwood, Northern Heights and H.M. Robbins, who shared their artistic talents by creating 500 Valentine's Day cards for local seniors, we were able to surprise the entire long-term care nursing home with a love day surprise.

SooToday also picked up 500 chocolate bars from Sweet Change to go with the cards to make for an extra-special delivery.

If you are interested in helping to create intergenerational connections, a recently launched Facebook group called Operation Fan Mail offers to deliver letters and artwork from children to local long-term care homes to share with our community's seniors.

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