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REPLAY: On the first day of Christmas, a joyous surprise for Andrea

This year's 12 Days of Christmas program kicked off with a big celebration
Andrea is an inspiring young woman who, while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, has become an advocate and supporter for others on the same journey.

Andrea has been instrumental in bringing chemo cold caps to Sault Ste. Marie cancer patients. The cold caps freeze the scalp to minus 30 during chemotherapy sessions, closing off the hair follicles, which stops the blood carrying the chemo from entering the hair's roots, allowing patients to keep their hair.

Since using a cold cap herself, she has been eager to help others keep their hair as well. She has fundraised to help with cold cap rentals for local patients to help cover the cost of the expensive rentals, then gets them set up with the caps, and attends treatments for support.

On today's 12 Days of Christmas, we surprise Andrea with special gifts to show our community's appreciation for her efforts to share positivity and support to others during their difficult days.

A big thank you to our generous sponsors for this Random Acts of Kindness: Northwood Funeral Home, an anonymous local businessperson, and OC Hair, Bath & Body Co.


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