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VIDEO: Gayle inspires, pays it forward, receives random act of kindness

During her own treatment, she was thinking of how she could help other kids battling cancer. 

Gayle is a local teenager who faced a harrowing health battle against a rare, aggressive form of childhood cancer. During her treatment, she was thinking of how to pay the kindness she received from supporters forward to other kids battling cancer. Today, Gayle receives a random act of kindness of her own.

A big thank you to our sponsors Luxe Aesthetics, The Pastry Shoppe, and Hollywood Limousines, for their generous gifts to Gayle.

If this story has inspired you to pay it forward, consider reading Caidin's story. Caidin is an 8 month old baby who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 4 weeks old. Gayle got to know Caidin during her treatment, as most of his life so far has been spent in hospitals. More information on Caidin can be found here:

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