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PODCAST: Need an ambulance? Be prepared to wait awhile

Hosted by Village Media's Scott Sexsmith, SooToday's new podcast is a Monday to Friday rundown of all the need-to-know stories happening in our community

Welcome back to "Today in the Soo," a weekday podcast that brings you up to speed on all the local news you need to know.

Hosted by Village Media's Scott Sexsmith, our podcast is posted every Monday to Friday on SooToday — and wherever you find your favourite podcasts.

SEE: Local paramedics reject arbitration, want return to bargaining table

On this episode of Today in the Soo:

  • Local paramedics want to return to the bargaining table
  • Two First Nations dispute Robinson Huron Treaty legal fees
  • 2,000 extra people in town this weekend
  • If you take your dog across the river, you need to know this
  • Here's your chance to be mayor for a day (if you're in grade five or six)

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