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Youngs Insurance Brokers reputation for customer service in Sault Ste. Marie goes above and beyond expectations

When they need them the most clients will often find their insurance agent standing by their side

Walk into the office of Youngs Insurance in Sault Ste. Marie and the greeting you’ll receive from owner Sylvain Brazeau and his team will make you feel like family. Brazeau says, “Caring customer service makes us who we are and why we have the reputation that we have in Sault Ste. Marie.”

Youngs Insurance has been established in Sault Ste. Marie for more than 20 years. During that time, Brazeau and his agents have built a solid reputation of compassion, respect and consistently exceeding the expectations of great customer service.

Going above and beyond

When their clients are involved in a collision, Brazeau or one of his agents will race down to the crash scene to calm the rattled nerves of people who have just wrecked their cars. Brazeau says, “At the scene of a collision, we comfort people and reassure them and from there we take control and arrange for a rental car to get them on their way. That’s something that we’ve always done.” They even accompany clients to the collision reporting centre and help them complete all the forms required to receive accident benefit coverage.

If a customer’s home is gutted by fire or damaged by a flood you can expect Brazeau or his agents to be at the site wading through water in the basement or making calls to get the restoration company out there as soon as possible.

Brazeau says, “It’s not uncommon for one of our insurance agents to show up at the home of a client who needs help. To this day, it’s still astonishing to people. Our clients who have been with us for years are used to and have come to expect this level of service.”

They don’t take your money and run

Sylvain Brazeau and his agents don’t simply sell a policy and leave. They put the coverage in place and follow through at every level of their clients’ needs, whether it be reviews, updates, or claims service.

“We’re not one of those brokers that sell insurance, take the money and you never see or hear from us again. When we put the policy in place our clients know they can rely on us when they need support and guidance. That’s where we really shine.” The staff at Youngs Insurance make customers feel important, valued, and respected.

They work to find their customers the most competitive rates with the best protection in the event of an accident or catastrophic event. An added bonus for clients is Sylvain Brazeau’s optimistic nature and sunny disposition. Office manager Josie Pateman says to the question “How are you today?” Brazeau’s favourite response is 300%. He’s become so well known around town for that response that 300% has become his brand.

Sylvain and his team of agents would be happy to help you get the best rates and coverage available for your home, auto, and commercial insurance needs. You can reach them at: (705) 759-9191.