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Timing matters when it comes to your mortgage

The team at the Mortgage centre understand the need for speed.

When it comes to buying a new home, refinancing your current mortgage, or adding another investment property to your portfolio, your Mortgage Broker and Agents are key partners in helping you achieve your goals.

Village Media spoke with Danny Alessandrini, Broker, and Owner of The Mortgage Centre in Sault Ste. Marie about why the timeline is so important and what sets him and his team apart. 

“The efficiency of Mortgage Brokers and Agents extends beyond immediate accessibility.  We pride ourselves in quick turnaround times to process and secure an approval for all our clients,” says Danny. “Ultimately the combination of immediate accessibility and expedited process positions Mortgage Brokers and Agents as a more responsive and client-focused alternative to the conventional banking experience.”

Accessibility: Same Day All Day

When working with traditional banks, it is commonplace to wait a week or two for the initial appointment and even longer to secure a firm mortgage offer. The Mortgage Centre recognizes that people need flexible and immediate access to the information they need.

Unlike the traditional approach of waiting for the bank to initiate contact, service at The Mortgage Centre is designed to be proactive, ensuring that clients can discuss their financial needs and explore mortgage options on the same day they reach out.

“Our walk-ins are welcome and no appointments are necessary as we have a team of agents available. Accessibility allows clients to get immediate answers to their mortgage questions and immediate solutions for their financial situation and credit. That’s a game changer,” explains Danny.

30+ Lenders Means Better Rates and Options

The team at The Mortgage Centre is working with a wealth of over 70 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry.

“Clients not only benefit from our extensive knowledge but also from our establish relationships with lenders and a comprehensive understanding of various mortgage products” Danny says. “You don’t have to fit the cookie cutter standard guidelines of one option only and one rate only. That translates into savings and custom options for every financial situation.”

Mortgage Brokers and Agents sit down with you to assess your financial situation, identify lenders that would be willing to work with your unique credit profile, and present you with viable mortgage options.

Private Lending, Same Day Approval, and Cash to You In Three Days 

This rapid turnaround empowers clients to seize opportunities in the real estate market and move forward with their financial goals swiftly and confidently.  In addition, bruised credit, bankruptcies, or even being self-employed can create hurdles that traditional lending can’t jump.

Danny adds, “With our private mortgages, we can tailor lending solutions to individual needs accommodating a broad range of financial situations. We can provide that next step until you can qualify with a regular lender and our commitment to a three-hour approval process ensure the clients have immediate answers and cash in hand in three days.”

Save Time and Do It All from Home

The Mortgage Centre has technology available that you can apply online at home with available e-signature options and easy document upload available. This simplicity allows you to complete your mortgage from front to back right from your dining room table.

Don’t Miss Out on the 5 First -Time Homebuyer Incentives

There are a number of incentives for first time homebuyers. Whether it is FHSA, OPHI program, government 5% down incentive program, Federal and Provincial tax breaks, or RSP home buyer plan The Mortgage Centre has all the information you need to be ready and informed to take advantage of these programs and incentives.

Individualized Approach to Mortgages

To learn more about your mortgage options visit online or give them a call at 705-256-LOAN or stop by their office at 2 Queen St. W., Sault Ste. Marie.