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Spotlight: Now you can experience one of spring’s best kept secrets

Springtime and Traverse City just could be the most perfect pairing ever.
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Remember what spring felt like when you were a kid? As the snow melted and the weather became your friend again, it was like a new world opened up with the enduring promise of adventure everywhere you looked.

All of a sudden everything felt simple and alive again – a blossoming flower, the first touch of sand to your feet, a forgotten bird’s song, the taste of seasonal food; they always found a way to make your soul smile.

Spring was a true sensory event full of new experiences.

Experience it all in Traverse City

If you could go back to that exciting springtime feeling you had when you were a kid, would you?

Well, now you can. Traverse City offers a spring experience like no other.

Lose yourself in a brilliant spectacle of millions of white flowers while journeying on one of Traverse City’s scenic cherry blossom tours. Take in the most
beautiful landscapes by car, motorcycle, or bike and be captivated by an overwhelming display of nature.

Embark on two of the region’s wine trails, located on the Leelanau and Old Mission peninsulas and escape in the vast rolling hills that one of the most celebrated wine regions calls home.

It’s wine month. Time to uncork and unwind.

May is wine month in Michigan, and with some of the most unique and renowned wineries located in Traverse City, there’s reason to celebrate.

Experience Traverse City Uncorked, a month-long wine and food celebration, and see why Traverse City has become one of the most rapidly growing wine destinations in the United States.

Taste this season’s anticipated wine releases from the over 30 wineries in the area. Explore the flavours of a wide range of cool-climate wines including internationally acclaimed varietals like Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc.

Once you enjoy this distinct wine experience and pair it with Traverse City’s exploding food scene, you’ll be rushing to plan next year’s trip with friends over a
glass of your new favourite Pinot Noir.

And there’s more

Traverse City offers a springtime adventure for everyone. Experience cooking classes, seasonal food offerings, pristine accommodations, endless opportunity for outdoor adventure, plus more.

Just hit PLAY and see for yourself.

Traverse City makes spring a little less ordinary and a lot more invigorating. Start planning your vacation now by visiting

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.