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Soo’s number one source for parts is Reyco Supply Group

If it has an engine, Reyco has the parts to get you moving today

There’s always power in numbers, and now two businesses have combined under one roof to serve their customers even better than before. Reyco Automotive Supply combined with Reyco Marine and Small Engine to become Reyco Supply Group.

The change happened in November 2023 as the marine and small engine arm of the business moved into the Napa Auto Parts space. Casey Davieaux is the owner and explains why this is a bigger and better experience for everyone.

“You can come in and pick up your lawnmower, wiper blades, spray balm, throttle cable for your snowblower, it’s a one-stop shop business,” Davieaux said. “You can get parts for everything; whether it’s your lawnmower, snowblower, boat, boat motor, your vehicle, just about everything you can get a part for here.”

Rather than bouncing between two or three places in town, customers can visit Reyco Supply Group to get virtually everything they need. With 27,000 square feet of space, they have ample room to show off all their inventory.


Reyco is like a toy store for grown-ups, with new and exciting products around every corner. It warrants a thorough visit through every aisle to see what new surprises they have in store for the season. Taking some time to wander through the store is the best way to check out the wide array or products.

Although it’s two separate pieces to the business, the automotive parts and marine and small engine people often work in tandem to help people troubleshoot and pick up whatever they need to fix their cars, boats and small engines.

Whether it’s for automotive parts and supplies like paint, detailing supplies, wiring or the biggest motor oil selection in town, or Hummingbird fish finder cables, even zero-turn lawnmowers and golf carts, you’ll find it all at Reyco.

Davieaux understands that most people are looking to get auto parts as soon as possible, which is why he prides himself for having the size, variety and depth of product that eclipses most competitors. This all translates to getting parts to the customer either day they come into the store or the next day.

“If people need it today, this is the place,” Davieaux said. “That’s the biggest thing we’re shooting for here; the customer coming in here and getting what they need.”


As the weather warms up, plenty of folks will be busy prepping their boats for the season, and some have even bought their lawnmowers already. Reyco is fully stocked with zero-turn lawnmowers for anyone looking to beat the spring rush.

The best thing about buying your equipment from Reyco Supply Group is you have the parts and expertise all under one umbrella if you ever need service for your boat, snowblower, lawnmower, or any other small engine.

“We are the place that fixes everybody’s lawnmower, snowblower, and Mercury motor,” Davieaux said. “You can buy these things in other places, but if you have a problem, you’re going to have to come to us anyhow.”

Experience everything that Reyco Supply Group offers. Visit them under one roof at 11 White Oak Drive East, Sault Ste. Marie. Visit them online here.