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Shortage of vehicles still an opportunity for car seekers

Deresti Motors focuses on quality and encourages shoppers to consider the advantages of buying used

If you’ve seen a few or more car dealerships with sparse inventory in their lots, it’s a common occurrence across the province. There’s been a shortage of vehicles over the past several months.

However, there are headlights on the horizon as options are available to get buyers into a vehicle sooner than later.

Preowned vehicle lots are not facing as many shortages as brand new models, so there are more choices for buyers to get the vehicle they want. 

“Regardless of the inventory shortages, I’m still buying and selling cars,” says Matthew Pavoni, owner of Deresti Motors, a preowned car dealership located in Sault Ste. Marie. “My prices are fair and honest and I sell quality, used vehicles. No matter the inventory levels, that’s never going to change.” 

A used vehicle gets you in a car without the wait

Due to a microchip shortage preventing new vehicles from being completed on time and reaching dealerships in time to meet demand, many people interested in buying a new vehicle are waiting months for new vehicles to come in.  “If you're in need of a vehicle right now, I’d recommend a used vehicle.”

Buying used vehicles has tended to have an unfortunate stigma attached to it. “Many people think that used translates into being poor quality but that’s definitely not the case,” says Pavoni, “My lot has vehicles that look and feel similar to brand new and many still come with a factory warranty. In most cases, you’re saving thousands of dollars buying a preowned car. Buying a preowned vehicle will often be a better investment than driving a brand new one off the lot.”

With a shortage of newer vehicles, buying a gently used model of your preferred vehicle brand still gets you into the vehicle you want without having to make sacrifices.

Has the used car market been affected by the shortage?

The used car market has been impacted to an extent as well as the delay in new vehicles has slowed down trade-ins. “There’s always going to be supply and demand. When supply goes down, the prices obviously come up a little. A used vehicle may be a little more in price than it used to be, but I am still being as fair and honest with my pricing. I am still giving the best price I can to my customers,” says Pavoni. 

The value of trade-ins has also increased because there is a demand for used cars, which means that you’re likely to exchange more for your used car now than what you would have received a year ago. 

“If you have a trade-in, you’re going to get a good value for your trade. You might be paying a little more for a new vehicle, but it may end up working out the same based on the great value you’re getting for your trade.”

Whether you have a trade-in or not, Deresti Motors offers financing options for prospective owners as well as extended warranties are also available for extra peace of mind. Visit them online or at 354 Wellington W. in Sault Ste Marie.