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Savoy’s Jewellers - Keep your jewellery safe this summer

Keep your jewellery shining bright with these tips from local business owners, Nicholas and Ryan Rosset

The hot heat of summer persuades most Canadians to enjoy the outdoors. Heading on vacation or to the local beach is a requirement, however, your jewellery might not enjoy it quite as much. 

“Pool chemicals, dirt from the garden, sunscreen, and even bug spray will eat away at the metal alloys in your gold jewellery,” says Ryan Rosset, co-owner of Savoy’s Jewellers, a fine jewellery store with two locations in Sault Ste. Marie. “Leaving films or residues on your stones and gold will reduce the shine and brilliance of your jewellery and chemicals can leave your rings or jewellery brittle and fragile over time.” 

What will the sun do to my jewellery?

The sun is definitely not a friend to your silver or gold jewellery.

Extreme heat, like to your skin, could weather your jewellery, and discolour it. If you feel your jewellery warming up quickly while you’re out in the sun, it’s not a good idea to risk the investment you’ve put into your piece of the sentimental impact it may have.

If you’re at the beach or spending time in the sand, the tiny particles can scratch the surface of your jewellery or even get stuck inside the crannies of your favourite pieces. Once sand gets in, it’s hard to properly clean or bring your jewellery back to its previous brilliance without the right products.

“Leave your pieces at home inside a jewellery box, or if you’re on vacation, your hotel should have a lock box as well,” says Rosset, a gemologist and goldsmith who purchased Savoy's three years ago. 

Will chlorine wreck my jewellery?

If you wear silver jewellery at any time of year, it will naturally tarnish over time. “What really engages that and speeds up the tarnishing process is chlorine and body sweat,” says Rosset, “If you have sterling silver jewellery on while you’re laying around the pool, it might be a good idea to take it off. Certain coloured stones are also very porous, so I wouldn't recommend laying in the intense sun because they could possibly damage themselves over time.”

Rosset compares the need to routinely clean your jewellery to getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, recommending you get your frequently worn jewellery inspected and cleaned every 6 months. 

“We have 7 certified jewellery ‘dentists’ on-site who will inspect and clean your jewellery on the spot. If you are going out for the evening or have a wedding to attend, Savoy’s offers many quick services and a wide range of cleaning products from gold wipes, gold or silver solution, and diamond dazzling sticks,” says Rosset, “the dazzling stick is a bristled pen – much like a toothbrush – with fluid inside. Give it a twist and the product comes out so you can get behind your stone, clean, and add shine back into your stones.” 

Are you still looking for the perfect summer 2022 piece?

Rosset and his co-owner, Nicholas Rosset have recently returned from JCK Las Vegas, North America’s largest annual jewellery trade event where they purchased quite a few unique one-of-a-kind pieces. “We don't want to spoil what's arriving, however, a sneak peek at one of our upcoming brands would be Bassali Jewelry based out of NY,” says Rosset, “The line is modern and delicate with a minimalist look.”

Both Savoy’s Jeweller's locations are also fully stocked in Swarovski and Ania Haie's summer collections.

Visit Savoy's at their 290 Queen St E location, or inside The Station Mall.  You can also find them online here.