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Rebate programs available for new HVAC components save you money

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Replacing HVAC components that measure up to today’s elevated standards of energy efficiency is a necessary but often expensive proposition. However, there are savings to be had when potential buyers take advantage of generous rebate programs available to interested buyers.

“There are some exceptional programs available through various Government Grants that can help property owners save money,” said Justin Furano, Operations Manager with DNM Heating and Cooling. “They can be a little confusing given the documentation involved, but they really are with pursuing because the savings can be significant.”

Furano said the first rebate program is available through Enbridge, which offers a $4500 rebate for those purchasing a new heat pump.

“Air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps are all HVAC systems,” said Furano. “However, the heat pump is most efficient when paired with a furnace or air handler. In most situations, it has enough capacity to transfer heat and cool air into a home and will provide heat in temperatures as low as –25 degrees Celsius.”

According to Furano, the market price for a heat pump is around $7000.00 to $8000.00, so the $4500.00 rebate being offered pays for nearly 65% of the cost of the system. As is the case with most rebates there are some conditions.

“The key thing about this about this program is that Napoleon is the “only universally eligible” heat pump, where most other manufactures the systems must be matched to the existing furnace.”

The second rebate program worthy of consideration is offered by Greener Homes. This program offers up to $6500.00 in rebates for those who qualify.

“The Greener Homes offers up to $6500.00 for a full system including a furnace and heat pump. At market prices, you’re looking at basically getting the cost of the furnace totally covered.”

The Greener Homes grant requires eligible equipment and an assessment by an energy auditor. Those can be arranged by making a simple call to DNM Heating and Cooling.

Click here for more information on the Enbridge rebate program.

Or visit DNM Heating and Cooling online to connect with their team.