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Radiance Physiotherapy is proud to welcome physiotherapist Katelyn Desgagne to their team

The addition means more patients will be able to use the popular clinic’s services.
Katelyn Desgagne was recently welcomed to the Radiance Physiotherapy team.

Radiance Physiotherapy recently celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, and with it, continued growth. The clinic met with immediate success upon its opening in 2021 and it continues to grow to meet demand, with a new member recently added to the team.  

Katelyn Desgagne just started as a full-time physiotherapist. This is great news for the community as it means even more clients will be able to use the clinic’s services.  

“We have had quite a long wait list, so we are happy to open our doors to more clients,” says Megan Doyle, owner. “Katelyn has a special interest in pelvic floor therapy and has started that training already. She shows great passion for the profession and patient care.” 

Desgagne has plans for continuing education and growth, and she will make a wonderful addition to the team. Patients can begin booking appointments to see her right away. 

Radiance Physiotherapy has been able to help an ever-growing list of clients. “There is a large need for therapy services in our community,” says Doyle. “This expansion will allow for faster access to care. We are thrilled to work with Katelyn—we feel she fits right in with our mission to provide high quality, client-centred care.” 

Radiance's expansion will allow for faster access to care.

Katelyn will be joining Doyle, who founded the clinic and is also a physiotherapist, Jennifer Entwistle, a physiotherapist and professional health coach, and Lori Dewar, office administrator. The whole team is excited and looking forward to collaborating with her.  

“We are growing, and this means that there is more space for clients in need. We will still be the intimate clinic that our current clients are comfortable with, but now Katelyn completes it!” says Doyle. 



The goal of physiotherapy is to return you to your optimal function and strength, while educating you about your injury. The physiotherapists at Radiance Physiotherapy can assess, diagnose and treat your injury using a combination of methods, which may include manual therapy, manipulation, dry needling and/or exercise prescription. 

For more information, visit Radiance Physiotherapy, call 705-574-0390 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also book an appointment online or follow the clinic on Facebook.