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NorthStream provides a variety of testing options as COVID continues its impact

NorthStream Safety & Rehab is your solution for rapid, private COVID-19 testing in Northern Ontario
COVID-19 2021 2
Cassette rapid test for COVID-19 or novel coronavirus 2019 found in Wuhan, China

There are many uncertainties with COVID-19 and as the mutations take hold, first with Delta and now with Omicron, the guidance from our health leaders continues to change as well.

Restrictions around travel shift at a dizzying pace, as does advice on booster shots. What has never changed, however, is the need for reliable testing. For that, NorthStream has you covered. 

NorthStream Safety & Rehab is your solution for rapid, private COVID-19 testing in Northern Ontario. In addition to group services for corporate or on-site employee testing, NorthStream is happy to offer testing to individuals and families.

Whether you need to keep your work team safe, you need tests for the ever-changing travel rules, or you are not vaccinated and need quick test results to attend a public event, turn to NorthStream.

As of September, NorthStream has introduced new, lower pricing to ensure they are among the most affordable – and fastest – testing service in the region.

Antigen: Reduced from $149 to $79. Results in as little as seven minutes.

PCR: Reduced from $449 to $349. Results in 24 hours in Sault Ste Maire and 3 hours in Thunder Bay.

NAAT (molecular test): $159. Results in as little as 15 minutes and valid for a full 72 hours.

Note that NorthStream will also do its best to price match the competition near their locations.

Call with confidence any time you need any type of COVID-19 testing. NorthStream is the experienced choice that provides the results you need, affordably and fast.

Also provided are variety of programs and services based on corporate health and safety. Click here to learn more.