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New to the Sault: Radiance Physiotherapy

New physiotherapy clinic specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation and orthopedic injuries
Downtown Sault Ste. Marie welcomes Radiance Physiotherapy lead by Megan Doyle (left) and Jennifer Entwistle (right)

Megan Doyle has been working across the river, in Sault Michigan, for nearly 15 years. 

Right after getting her degree, she started working as a physiotherapist at War Memorial Hospital. Over a decade and a half, she worked her way up into management. When she left, she was the Co-Director of Rehabilitation—yet she always remained a practicing physiotherapist.

“My dream was always to open my own practice and also to work on this side of the border,” says Doyle, who is originally from the States but lives in Canada. “I loved War Memorial, I loved working across the river—it was great—but I always felt like I wanted to work where I lived.”

When the Laser Advantage building recently became available, she knew the moment was right. She is looking forward to being able to ‘downsize’ a little; in the rehab department at the hospital there were 90 employees, so it was a very busy environment. 

During her time there, Doyle pursued training in pelvic floor rehab at the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. She took several classes and received her Level II Women’s and Men’s Health certification, which allows her to treat both men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction. Over time, 90 percent of the work she did at the hospital involved pelvic floor issues. “That has been my passion,” she says, “and I’ve been doing that for 12 years.”  

A number of diagnoses can benefit from pelvic floor rehab. These include urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, dysfunctional bladder, sexual dysfunction, hip and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, frequent constipation, pudendal neuralgia, and many more.

“There is always a need for pelvic floor treatment. It’s a specialty that not everyone gets into and I know that the community will benefit from it,” she says.

She is excited to be taking the leap to open her own clinic here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Megan is joined by fellow physiotherapist Jennifer Entwistle, as well as Sarah Grant, their office administrator. They are also planning to add a third physiotherapist to the team.

Doyle loves private practice and outpatient care. She will primarily treat people with orthopedic injuries and pelvic floor issues, but she will also work with pediatric patients and those with neurological disorders and vestibular conditions. Entwistle, who has her FCAMPT designation, has training in advanced manual therapy, different movement systems, including the Selective Functional Movement System, Functional Dry Needling, and yoga teacher training. The pair will also create individualized exercise programs. Like all physios, they can treat patients of all ages.

Both Doyle and Entwistle look forward to providing one-on-one care and to being able to spend a significant amount of time with their patients. The pair’s services will certainly complement each other well, because there is so much overlap between pelvic floor issues and orthopedics. They look forward to collaborating and working together with patients to provide well-rounded care. 

Says Doyle, “This was always my dream. I wanted to build a practice focused on quality patient care in a comfortable environment.”

Radiance Physiotherapy opens October 4th in the former Laser Advantage building at 495 Queen Street East.

For more information, visit Radiance Physiotherapy, call 705-574-0390, or book an appointment online