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New Sault landscaping supply centre targets DIY property owners

Property Masters expands to include landscaping products

With a lot more home owners working from home and living more isolated lifestyles the demand on materials for DIY home improvement products has never been greater. Even things like dirt and stone are in high demand, which is the reason one local Sault Ste. Marie business had decided the time is right to expand his services.

Since 2009, residential, commercial and industrial property owners in the Sault have relied on Property Masters for professional property maintenance year-round. As of May, they will also be able to rely on the newly established Property Masters Landscaping Supply Centre for supplies and service. What began as small residential lawn care business has now expanded into a full retail operation for a wide variety of aggregates and other vital landscaping products. It’s a natural extension of Property Masters’ core business and was made possible with a move to a new location at 465 Second Line East.

“With the bigger location it made it possible for me to offer all these other materials,” said Property Masters owner/operator Chris Miller. “I’ve always wanted to do it for a number of years. We go through so much of this material with our landscaping services, so it just made sense to take the next step.” 

Despite the challenges of running a business that requires his staff to work externally at multiple locations while adhering to Covid protocols, Miller felt the expansion was necessary to continue to grow the company. As a property maintenance expert, Miller recognized that products like mulch and top soil were always in high demand. To meet that demand, he’s put together a solid product menu that should appeal to residential and commercial clients looking for everything from various aggregates, sand, soil and various coloured mulches  which seem to be extremely popular with home gardeners.

“Coloured mulch seems to really stand out on properties,” said Miller, who employs a staff of five at Property Masters. “There is some pretty good curb appeal there when you add colour.”

Miller says Property Masters has built its reputation on exceptional customer service, and that will be a continued focus at the landscaping supply centre. “First and foremost for us is customer satisfaction,” said Miller, who encourages the use of reusable, recyclable and renewable materials in projects whenever possible. “We won’t quit until the customer is happy with the work that we provide. That’s what I have always strived to get across with all my employees. We’re not in a rush. Our goal is to the do the job right the first time.”

Miller says all available products are listed on his website and can be pre-ordered by calling the office at 705-575-7877. As an added incentive, Property Masters Landscaping Supply Centre will be offering same-day delivery in town for $25, which is an exceptional benefit for DIY gardeners with big landscaping ideas but no truck to pick up materials.

While Miller is eager to see the doors open on his new expansion, he says that Property Masters will still be offering their property maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. 

“We take a lot of pride in our work and nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers satisfied with our work. Whether it is a big landscaping project, sprinkler install or weekly lawn cut we are committed to providing the best quality and service. We look forward to serving the Sault and area for many more years to come!”

For more information, visit Property Masters online at, call them at 705.575.7877 or via email You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.