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New ownership elevates Weed Man services to a new level of excellence

Rebuilding trust one customer at a time

Springtime is a season of renewal, a time to plant seeds and watch them grow. For the new ownership of Weed Man in Sault Ste. Marie, the change in season also provides a new opportunity to demonstrate the renewed quality of work and customer service they hope will define the business going forward.

“We took over the business in 2021 from a previous owner, and we just want the opportunity to prove ourselves and improve our reputation,” said Mitch Gammon, General Manager of the local Weed Man in Sault Ste. Marie.

“We’ve had tremendous success in other northern Ontario markets and we hope to keep building off that success. We want people to book Weed Man and put their trust in this new ownership group so we can show people the results they can achieve.”

“The number one thing is Weed Man Canada’s comprehensive and ongoing training,” he said. “We train the best technicians. There’s a lot that goes into our training. There’s classroom training and then every technician spends days working on lawns with a manager to make sure they can diagnose problems and administer proper applications.”

A second major difference in the value Weed Man provides is the comprehensive resources available to their technicians.

“Because we’re part of Canada’s largest lawn care franchise we have the resources to diagnose and propose a solution for almost any lawn disease. If we don’t know what it is, we can access our large resource library. We can also reach out to other franchisees and ask if they’ve encountered similar problems before. We build those relationships to offer better services to our clients.”

Gammon said the Weed Man franchise also has its own proprietary brand of fertilizer that is exclusive to franchisees. The product is not sold to any other lawn care company.

“Our products are second to none,” said Gammon. “Other lawn care operators just can’t get their hands on it.”

All those factors combine to make Weed Man an exceptional choice for lawn care services. Since taking over the local franchise, Gammon says the team at Weed Man Sault Ste. Marie has completely revamped their service menu, developing programs customized for the unique climate conditions existing in the Sault Ste. Marie area.

“Our programs are structured to serve northern communities,” said Gammon. “That’s very important to note. We’ve completely changed the program since we acquired the business. We designed the programs to suit the north and achieve optimum results.”

As a result of the changes, Gammon says Weed Man has achieved over an 80 percent renewal rate in other northern Ontario markets.

“You don’t achieve that without knowing what you’re doing and offering great customer service,” he said.

Spring is the right time to put faith in the new owners of Weed Man. To request your free lawn care quote or book your season-long lawn care program, visit Weed Man online.