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New duct cleaning technology offers the best service

DNM Heating and Cooling helps keep your HVAC system clean

Your HVAC system is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your home. Whether it’s forcing cool air through your vents and registers all summer, or supplying warm, comforting heat all winter, your ducts are like your lungs, filtering and feeding you a steady diet of wonder air to help sustain you.

On the other hand, your ducts are also an area where unwanted particles can accumulate. Whether that’s pet fur and dander, fabric fibres, dust generated from internal and external sources, uninvited crawly things and even particles of dead human skin (yes, it’s true!), your ducts are definitely a target for regular cleaning.

That fact provided the inspiration for the latest service being offered by DNM Heating and Cooling, one of the fast growing and most respected service companies in the Sault Ste. Marie area. According to Co-Owner and Service Manager, Jonathan Vernelli, adding duct cleaning to the company’s menu of services was an easy decision.

“Our heating and cooling division has only been around for a couple of years now and we’ve quickly built a great reputation for our quality of service,” said Vernelli. “DNM is made up of an experienced and skilled team who have been installing and maintaining units in our community for decades and have established goodwill with clientele. Adding duct cleaning as a service was just a natural progression for us. There were hardly any companies offering this kind of service - at least not in a professional capacity. That’s where DNM comes in.”

Unlike the limited capabilities of portable methods commonly used by local side-hustlers, which only remove dust from the surface ends of ducts, DNM Heating and Cooling has chosen to significantly elevate the standard of duct cleaning in the Sault by investing in a custom truck equipped with the latest duct cleaning technology from Hypervac, a Canadian manufacturer, to ensure a deep and comprehensive clean of your home's air supply. “The Duct Truck”, powered by a 35HP engine and featuring a 10-inch hose, will clean every part of your ductwork, far beyond what portable units can achieve. This strategic choice reflects DNM’s dedication to leadership in the local HVAC industry by providing the best possible air quality in your home through innovation and a deep commitment to customer health and satisfaction.


“It’s a top of the line system that makes the process a lot quicker and more efficient,” explains Greg Mathison, Managing Supervisor of Duct Cleaning at DNM. “The unit runs from the truck outside, into the house and is attached directly to your supply runs. It is a lot more efficient than bringing in a Shop-Vac and vacuuming the end of the air register, which anyone can do. The Duct Truck really sucks everything out. It really is a much more thorough cleaning than you would get with any other type of duct cleaning service. And we can show you the before-and-after with a live camera feed.”

The Duct Truck’s process does include a portable unit as part of the duct cleaning, but it is simply a supplemental part of the process. The external truck provides the bulk of the cleaning, sucking everything to the outside of the home after being loosened by the 200ft manual hose.

“It’s the kind of quality service you get with a DNM company,” said Vernelli. “There are a lot of scammers out there trying to sell you duct cleaning services by posting in the local groups on social media. They make fake profiles with fake photos and fake friends and pretend to be part of your community. I don’t know why duct cleaning is such a popular avenue for fraudsters, but your readers should be aware of this risk. We’re a real company with an office in the Sault, providing proper invoicing and administration. We really care about our reputation and our service.”

When you’re in line for a mid-winter cleaning or a pre-spring cleaning prior to air conditioning season, visit DNM Heating and Cooling online at