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Indoor heating options for your home

Advice from the experts at Heritage Home Hardware on how to stay cozy during the last of these winter months

While most of us are looking forward to the arrival of warmer temperatures in the Spring, the truth is that we still have several weeks left of wintry weather to contend with here in Ontario.

To help keep you cozy on those chilly nights, the folks at Heritage Home Hardware have some great suggestions. We spoke with Dalton, who shared his favourite ways to transform your home from cold to cozy.

You might not need a global heating solution. Maybe you have just a room or a corner that tends to be run cold, even when your central heating system is working just fine. A supplemental heating solution is likely just the thing you need—a little boost in the form of a space heater or fireplace.

Types of indoor space heaters

There are all kinds of options, styles and levels of efficiency when you’re looking for an indoor space heater.

Ceramic forced-air heaters

Ceramic forced-air heaters use a ceramic heat element to generate heat and an internal fan to blows the warm air throughout the room. They come in a range of sizes and styles (including compact and tower), provide instant heat and are affordable, easy to move and quite versatile. The only downside? They can be a bit noisy.

These are best for small spaces or rooms that require a bit of spot heating, such as a living room, family room or home office.

Look for a version that has a Cool Touch surface, especially if you have kids and/or pets.

Electric convection heaters

This type of heater works by circulating air across a heating element that is often helped by a fan. They can take a bit of time to heat up, but once they do they provide long-lasting warmth.

Silent, efficient and available in space-saving designs, electric convection heaters are a great choice when you want to warm up an entire room. If you have a drafty spot, especially under windows, it is a powerfully efficient choice.

Electric baseboard and wall heaters

Both baseboard heaters and wall heaters rely on convection heat. Baseboard heaters fit snugly along the floor, while wall or panel heaters are mounted higher up. They do require installation and take some time to heat-up, but they are silent and provide long-lasting warmth.

The great thing about either style is that they save floor space. These heaters can warm an entire bedroom or bathroom efficiently and silently. Rather than extending central heat into a room addition or garage conversion, electric baseboard heaters are a much less expensive option.

Infrared heaters

With this type of heater, electromagnetic waves are absorbed and converted to heat by objects nearby. Infrared heaters heat up almost instantly, are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

They are silent and have been designed to disperse heat, which usually radiates in one direction. Use this kind of heater when a bit of spot heating is needed, in a living room, family room or home office, for example. They are more powerful than other radiant heaters, with some models able to heat an entire room.

Oil-filled heaters

These electric heaters are similar to the radiator style but these heat the oil that is contained within their chambers and use it to warm the surrounding air. While they do take a little time to warm up, they are able to provide long-lasting warmth. They are an affordable option, easy to move and they operate almost completely silently.

While you can fit an oil-filled heater under a desk, they do take up a bit of floor space. Oil-filled heaters work really well in small spaces and wherever spot heating is needed. And you don’t have to worry, they are very low maintenance; no oil changes or refilling is required.

Electric fireplaces

Have you ever wondered exactly how electric fireplaces work? Electricity heats the interior coils, which creates warmth. They are a fantastic choice when you want the traditional fireplace effect but none of the work that comes with it. You will love how low maintenance and attractive the latest models are. They run silent and heat up almost immediately; most have an internal fan that allows for great heat distribution throughout the room.

You can find electric fireplaces in both freestanding and wall-mount versions. They also come in a variety of styles to match any décor—some even offer built-in storage. They’re a great way to add coziness and style, especially to living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. Just beware that electric fireplaces can be costly to run, so choose an energy-efficient model.

Wood and pellet stoves

Wood or pellet-burning stoves radiate heat from multiple sides, just like a traditional fireplace does. They heat up instantly and really add to the atmosphere, making cozy wood-crackling noises. While they are inexpensive to operate, they can be expensive to install. You will love them if you’re looking to add a sense of coziness to a cottage, chalet, cabin or rustic kitchen. If you’d like to be able to cook and bake with it as well, look for a wood cookstove.

Excellent options exist for garage and workspace heaters too.

Before you buy any supplemental heating solution, be sure to learn all you can about size and power considerations. For more advice on selecting the right one for your needs, visit Heritage Home Hardware or call 705-759-5101.