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IDA is excited to welcome their new pharmacist, Jake McCracken

The drugstore is proud to meet the needs of the local community, offering services that go well beyond your traditional pharmacy

Exciting things are happening at I.D.A. here in the Soo.

The chain of pharmacies, long known for its excellent service and the level of care shown to its patients, is committed to continually growing and evolving. Staff provide medical advice, run clinic hours, see and treat patients, all in an effort to ensure every Soo resident has what they need to achieve optimal health.

Recently, I.D.A. welcomed a new pharmacist, Jake McCracken, to the team. Jake started on November 15th, 2023, and is already making his mark.

While new to this particular role, he has 18 years of pharmacy experience and graduated from the University of Toronto in 2006.

Jake grew up on a farm outside the small town of Melbourne, Ontario. “I came to the Soo to play for the Greyhounds in 1996 and I met my wife in 1997. After graduating, we both got jobs here,” he explains.

So far, he has been enjoying his time at I.D.A. “Learning new computer systems is always a challenge but I’m getting the hang of it,” he admits. “I really like how the focus is on giving good service. The owners lead by example and really put their hearts into the business. I also love the ‘mom and pop’ feel of the store and the shift from corporate culture. The owners give us a lot of freedom to run the store as we like.”

The owners of the pharmacy have an innovative approach indeed. They were quick to recognize the shortage of physicians and hired nurse practitioners to help patients in need. “They have invested a lot of money to ensure patients are looked after,” says the pharmacist. “In the dispensary we strive for efficient and valued service.”

He is working behind the counter at the Urban Square location—a beautiful new store with a great gift shop. I.D.A. patients are welcome to make appointments with the drugstore’s nurse practitioners. “I’ve had a lot of patients join us at I.D.A. who were very excited to use this service after having lost their primary care provider,” he says.

“I’m very grateful to have joined the I.D.A. team and I’m excited to get 2024 started.”

Jake loves Sault Ste. Marie. “I love the friendly small-town feel. I also enjoy the outdoors and on days off I spend a lot of time fishing or tenting with my family,” says the pharmacist. “Besides being excited to provide good care, my schedule now allows for more time at home with family on evenings and weekends.”

In his personal life, he still loves hockey and continues to play net in the local men’s league; he also helps coach two of his sons’ hockey teams. “I love my wife and four kids and my favourite thing to do is take them camping and fishing in the summers,” he says.

For many, the new year brings new intentions and the resolve to change one’s habits for the better. “Even if you can start with small changes, the benefits can add up over time. Try to develop healthy habits and not focus on quick results,” he suggests.

“If you have any questions about your health or medication, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help or advice. Sometimes we find simple things that you can do that have a big impact.”

I.D.A. has 6 locations throughout Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma: Market Mall Pharmacy, Urban Square Drug Mart, Wellington Square Drug Mart, Queenstown Drug Mart, Pine Shores Drug Mart and East Street Drug Mart.

The Urban Square pharmacy is located at 197 Trunk Road. You can reach the store at (705) 759-4818 and follow I.D.A. on Facebook and Instagram.