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Getting to know Kyle Scali, REALTOR® with Century 21 Choice Realty Inc.

Local agent has a wealth of experience in construction

Kyle Scali is a talented REALTOR®, dedicated to helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market. He helps first-time homebuyers who are new to the market, as well as seasoned buyers and sellers who already have multiple transactions under their belts. Well-connected, he is able to make sales and purchases happen seamlessly.

Clients most often ask him what he thinks the market is going to do, to predict where it’s going next. “I typically will try to explain that the market is volatile, and it may go either way. As long as the buyer makes a decision that allows them to remain within their comfort zone, regardless of whatever the market is doing, they will be good,” says Scali.

Sellers are not much different. “Sellers always want to know how to optimize the amount of money they can get out of a sale,” he explains. A consultation typically includes and a thorough tour of the seller’s home and property. During this time, the REALTOR® shares his suggestions for maximizing the amount they can get for their home.

Everyone’s goals are different, of course, and each individual, couple and family come with their own unique set of circumstances, needs and considerations. Clients engage his services when they’re thinking about listing their homes for sale, looking for investment properties, seeking a large acreage, down-sizing or upgrading, or dealing with an estate—he can help with it all.


Scali’s background is one-of-a-kind. Born in the Soo, his work has certainly taken him to a lot of interesting places.

“Previously I was a commercial diver and I worked coast-to-coast. My main focus, and the majority of my work, was in the Algoma district, but hydro dams were a big part of it—basically from Thunder Bay to Sudbury. I also did three months of underwater welding in PEI on the Wood Island Ferry Terminal and fish farming on the west coast,” he says.

It was during his downtime, in the slower/off season for diving, that he bought rental homes and flipped houses, all here in Sault Ste. Marie. “After 15 years in that industry and working a lot of hands-on trades in construction, I decided it was time to focus on a career that allows for more family time,” says the REALTOR®.

He has worked in the real estate market since 2009; that was the year he bought his first rental home. He loves helping people accomplish their goals, whether that’s finding their forever home or the right investment property.

A self-described “construction/farmer guy”, he lives with his wife and four kids on a hobby farm, where they keep sheep and goats. An admitted workaholic, he likes to keep busy and confesses to not sleeping much.

Because he comes from such a strong construction background he is very down-to-earth, experienced and qualified. He focuses on his clients’ best interests and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile.

In October 2023, Brent Rouble, Scali’s longtime friend, tried to beat a world record by paddling an 897-lb pumpkin boat down the St. Marys River. Scali, always quick to lend a hand, worked as the safety boat driver.

The Soo, he thinks, is a great place to live. “Being as well travelled as I am, the scenery that the Great Lakes offer, the wildlife and the forest around here, it’s absolutely stunning. It’s a good place to raise children,” he says. “The outskirts offer a lot of room for adventure. You’ve got the city here but within minutes you’re into the beauty that northern Ontario has to offer.”

You can reach REALTOR® Kyle Scali of Century 21 Choice Realty Inc. at 705-297-5866. You can also follow him on Facebook.