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Foreign businesses help the Canadian economy recover from the pandemic

Sobirovs Law Firm sees immense immigration opportunities in Canada’s labour shortage

There is a huge crisis looming in the labour market, with job vacancies climbing while businesses struggle to find the skilled staff they need. It’s a problem that’s been exacerbated by the pandemic. But a solution can be found in boosting the immigration numbers. “It’s very critical on multiple levels” said Rakhmad Sobirov, Managing Partner at Sobirovs Law Firm in Toronto. “You need workers to rebuild Canada’s post-COVID economy and make it a globally competitive economy.”

Canadian businesses are the backbone of our economy, and a successful economy needs access to skilled workers. Sobirov said, “Our law firm is determined to help Canadian businesses source the skilled workers they need, and we can play an essential role in filling some of those vacancies by guiding clients through the various immigration programs.”

Job vacancies are at an all-time high

Estimates are that there are 900,000 jobs that need to be filled across Canada. The labour crunch is being felt across all sectors, including health care, manufacturing, food services and construction. The labour shortage is so acute in Ontario that the province is calling on the federal government to double the number of immigrants under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. Sobirov said, “We can help Canadian employers build their foreign worker procurement strategy. We can access various immigration programs to bring foreign workers to the businesses that need them.”.

Connecting businesses with skilled workers

The process often starts with a Labour Market Impact Assessment, which demonstrates the employer needs to fill a vacancy with a foreign worker because no Canadian is available to do the job.

The Global Talent Stream is often accessed by some of the country’s largest technology firms to bring skilled workers, such as data analysts and software engineers to the business.

The points-based Express Entry program is heavily tilted in favour of newcomers who are in their prime working age and offer more desirable skills. Applications can be processed relatively quickly.

The Intra-company transferee program allows international companies to temporarily transfer employees to Canada to enhance their competitiveness.

Applying to any of these immigration programs can be confusing and complex. An immigration lawyer can lead a client through it and ensure they don’t make mistakes. Sobirov said, “Our primary goal is to assist workers, entrepreneurs and businesses to relocate and succeed in Canada.”

Canada is attractive to foreign businesses

There is enormous interest among foreign entrepreneurs and businesses in establishing a presence in Canada. Sobirov said, “In our internet-driven, working remotely world, I think Canada offers a foreign company peace of mind in terms of immigration status, its secure and welcoming society, and its stable political system.”

Sobirov has dealt with many foreign companies and people interested in relocating to Canada. “They want to take advantage of what Canada has to offer, but they also want to contribute to the Canadian economy, because they see Canada as a better place to establish their headquarters or to expand.”

The New Normal offers new opportunities

Rakhmad Sobirov said, “In our post-pandemic world foreign entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity, as they look beyond the pandemic to buy solid existing Canadian businesses.” Within the past two years, many business operators have retired. If the businesses weren’t purchased, they would be shuttered.

Buying a franchise, for example, has multiple advantages, including brand awareness, an established customer base, and marketing support. Buying a franchise could also support an applicant’s immigration application, provided all other requirements are met

Sobirov encourages foreign entrepreneurs to take advantage of these opportunities to build new Canadian businesses under these “new normal” conditions which include working remotely, more global talent mobility, and consumers willing to buy more online.

Immigrants enrich this country by contributing to its prosperity and cultural diversity. Rakhmad Sobirov often tells his clients, “Give Canada a chance, and this country will prove that you made the right choice.”

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