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Discover your path to success at Laurentian University’s Spring Open House

Join Laurentian University on Saturday, March 16th for a day of inspiration and insight to explore opportunities and envision your future

The Spring Open House is an opportunity for Laurentian University to showcase its courses, programs, faculty, and alumni to students who’ve received an offer of admission and will be making their final decision.

The event will be held Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 2pm and is open to the wider community as well. Danielle Yasko, Events and Communications Coordinator says, “Laurentian University is hosting the event to offer students and their families an opportunity to explore their options and ultimately make an informed decision about whether Laurentian is the best fit for them and their academic and career goals.”

Set on 765 acres of green space and surrounded by natural lakes of which lakes Ramsey, Bethel, and Nepawhin, Laurentian University is one of the most beautiful campuses in the province. Visitors will be taken on guided tours across the expansive campus to visit classrooms, the athletic complex, libraries, dining services, and residences. Danielle Yasko says, “It’s an ideal opportunity for students, parents, and guardians to get a tour of the residences and chat with members of student services. It provides families some peace of mind if their student plans to move away from home into residence.”


Exploring academic programs

Students and visitors can get a sense of university life at Laurentian by taking part in various workshops and lectures. Yasko says, “This is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to sit in on various lectures to get a feel for certain disciplines. A student leaning toward biomedical biology studies with a keen interest in psychology may decide to attend a workshop with the School of Natural Science in the morning and in the afternoon, sit in on a psychology lecture which might end up being a solid elective for their program of choice.”


For a more engaging experience, more than a dozen hands-on workshops are on the schedule. Yasko says, “For instance, the School of Kinesiology and Health Science will be offering a component of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program. The School of Natural Science will be doing sessions in the biology and chemistry labs. The workshops, live lectures, and presentations will give visitors a better understanding of courses available while students will get a better picture of the career paths available in various fields of study.

Students attending the Open House are encouraged to monitor Laurentian’s social media and website for information on workshops that are being added.

Meet faculty and alumni

At Laurentian, the relationship between students and faculty contributes to a successful university experience. The Open House is an opportunity for prospective students to meet with professors, academic advisors, and support staff. Yasko says, “Students will be able to meet their first-year professors and we’re also inviting some alumni to represent the different schools within Laurentian.

Students and their families can speak to former students to ask them what they are doing professionally and to discuss their career outcomes. In face-to-face conversations, students can ask questions and seek advice. Yasko says, “For the students, the Open House is a way for us to demonstrate that if they choose Laurentian, they will get to know their professors and other staff members. Interaction with faculty gives prospective students a sense of connection and helps them envision themselves as part of the Laurentian community.


Join a club

Student clubs are an important aspect of the overall university experience at Laurentian.

The university has a wide range of clubs from a pre-med club for those pursuing a career in medicine to clubs that focus on sports, hobbies, music, and even improv. More than 20 student clubs will be represented at the Open House. Yasko says, “On March 16th, students will have the possibility to sign up for clubs, giving them a head start for Fall. Prospective students can network with student leaders in various clubs, programs, and student-run associations.”


Deciding on Laurentian University

At Spring Open House, students can solidify their choice in choosing Laurentian University. The Open House will give them a sense of what their university experience can look like if they say “Yes” to Laurentian. Danielle Yasko says, “Open House is always a good occasion for us to show how inviting we are as a community. It helps students feels a bit more at ease with their big decision.”

Visitors are invited to register early at Prizes will be drawn from the pool of early registrants, so anyone planning to attend is encouraged to enter their information early for the draws. People can also simply drop in on Saturday, March 16th as well. The full day of activities gets underway at 10am and will conclude around 2pm.

Spring Open House is a valuable opportunity for students who have Laurentian University on their short list to gather information, explore the campus, make connections, and gain insights that will facilitate their decisions for both academic and personal growth. These are decisions that shape a student’s higher learning journey.

Join and discover what Laurentian University has to offer. They look forward to welcoming you on campus.