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Discover your future at Laurentian University’s March Break Tours

Explore the campus, programs, and student life to experience the Laurentian difference

Laurentian University’s March Break Tours serve as a vital opportunity for prospective students and their families to explore the campus and gain some insight into university life at Laurentian.

Tours are offered throughout the year, but during March Break there is more interest and a special focus on personalizing the experience for the student and their families. March Break Tours are scheduled from Monday, March 11th to Friday, March 15th. Danielle Yasko, Events and Communications Coordinator says, “We prepared by having student ambassadors ready on all of those dates and student guides from various programs to ensure that each visitor that comes in for a tour meets someone who can speak to them about their areas of interest.” You can book a tour time at


Explore the campus

During March Break the Laurentian campus will be busy with current students attending classes, giving incoming students an authentic experience when they’re walking through the halls or possibly sitting in on a class. Yasko says, “If a student is interested, we will arrange for visitors to sit in on a lecture. If it is an area of study students are interested in, we do our best to accommodate them.” It helps incoming students in making an informed decision about their educational journey.

Students can also visit labs and other areas of interest. Yasko adds, “The tours will take visitors to all the major areas. If they’re interested in a program that has specific learning spaces, we’ll include those in the tours as well.” For example, a student who is interested in Earth Sciences can expect a lab component in the first-year program, so efforts will be made to ensure visitors view those spaces as well.


Personalized tours

Whatever visitors want to see, will be included in the tour. Yasko says, “March Break is an opportunity to customize our tours and give visitors a one-on-one experience. The format is one family to one tour guide to ensure the family is seeing everything they want to see.”

For example, a prospective student who is interested in the Criminology program will tour the campus with a student who is also in the Faculty of Arts. Yasko says, “In addition to touring the classroom building, we’ll also coordinate a meeting between the student, their family, and a professor in the Criminology program to give the student an opportunity to make that first introduction to one of their professors.” Booking a one-on-one meeting with a faculty member can be significant in the decision-making process. Yasko adds, “By engaging with faculty members during a tour, students can seek guidance, ask questions, and gain valuable insights into their chosen fields.”

In addition to envisioning their academic trajectory, incoming students can begin to establish a network of support, laying the groundwork for a fulfilling academic experience.


Experiencing University Life

Because the university is active with current students during March Break, the tours offer participants a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic campus life at Laurentian. Guided tours of the residences, athletic facilities, and dining hall allow incoming students to envision themselves as part of the Laurentian community.

The tours serve as a valuable resource to help students navigate the transition to university life. Yasko says, “By connecting with current students during the guided tours, incoming students can gain valuable advice, tips, and strategies for navigating university life, making the transition to higher education easier.”


Booking a tour

Tours are open to anyone, but they are designed specifically for students who are applicants, have received an offer of admission, or have confirmed a Spring Term start date. Tours are offered Monday to Friday through March Break with two schedules times each day, one at 10am and the other at 1:30pm. Laurentian is flexible if visitors need to arrange another time. To register for a tour during March Break go to You will also have the option of adding a program of interest. Visitors are encouraged to register early. A typical tour takes about 90 minutes and following the tour visitors will be treated to lunch in the Dining Hall.

The March Break Tours lead into the Spring Open House the following Saturday, March 16th. They can register at Students are encouraged to attend both because they are valuable opportunities for students who have Laurentian on their short list to gather information, explore the campus, make connections, and gain insights that help guide them in their decisions on their academic journey.

Join us and discover what Laurentian University has to offer. They look forward to welcoming you on campus.