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Buyer beware: 4 tips to protect yourself when buying a new furnace

Important consumer tips from DNM Heating and Cooling

Shopping around for a new residential furnace or complete HVAC system can be stressful for someone unfamiliar with the equipment and the various levels of efficiency available.

The process can become even more stressful when dealing with sales reps from companies that rely on high-pressure sales tactics.

Given the potential high level of investment for a new heating system, it’s important to make the right decision before letting any company into your home to start the installation.

In order to help you do that, the HVAC specialists at DNM Heating and Cooling want to share some helpful consumer tips you can follow through your decision process.

“The first and most important thing is to always get a second opinion on any equipment you might be considering for purchase,” said Justin Furano, controller with DNM Heating. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be with us. It’s just important to get a variety of professional opinions any time you’re considering a purchase of this nature.”

The next tip would be to conduct some research into who actually owns the company you’re dealing with.

Furano said that some companies often go through ownership changes while maintaining the same brand name recognized in the community. However, ownership may no longer be local, and that could cause difficulties if there’s a problem and you have to deal with the bureaucracy of a larger out-of-town corporation.

“The brand name may have a legacy in the community, but you’re not really dealing with a local company anymore,” he suggested. “It’s a good idea to find out who you’re dealing with before make any purchase. It’s also a good idea to ask who the technicians are to ensure they’re experienced.”

A third tip would be not to succumb to pressure to sign anything before having given yourself ample time consider the offer.

“Make sure you don’t sign anything at the door,” said Furano. “You don’t have to cave to pressure sales tactics. You want to have some time to investigate what equipment you’re looking at, the price, and the estimate for labour. All of these companies have furnaces in their warehouse. Don’t fall for any sales pitch that says you have to sign on Friday because they might not have the equipment come Monday.”

One of the last things to consider is any possible warranties that may be offered. Furano said some companies offer “memberships” that are supposed to provide peace of mind should there be any mechanical problems.

“Read the fine print. Check to ensure they’re not just offering you a discount on replacement parts and labour. Know all the details about the warranty and any money back guarantee they’re offering. Make sure it’s all very specific and in writing.”

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